Your Broken Arrow exterminator can help you eliminate ants if you have issues in your home or business. It’s often that we find ants in kitchen areas, invading our spaces and trying to find food. In most cases, these answers come from the outside, working their way in, especially in the spring and summer months. Sometimes we find ants in our yard, which can be a nuisance. Fire ants can bite ankles and cause other issues, like killing plants and creating problematic situations. So this article takes a hard look at ants, and what you and your Broken Arrow exterminator can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from these invading insects.

Lifecycle of an Ant

Ant complete metamorphosis to the development of the adult ant. They live in a colony where they split the work up among cast members. The queen will start by laying eggs. She’ll lay millions of eggs every day and night until the day she dies. This egg will eventually hatch a larva. The larva is a very important part of the life cycle of the ant. It’s a worm like structure that will eat just about anything that the worker ants will feed them. 

The young ants are limited in what they can eat to only liquids because they have two small waists dividing there body sections. The adult ants will feed on larvae until they overeat and then throw up. What they throw up, the young ants will consume, using the larvae to digest hard foods for them. When the larva has grown to a certain point, it will cocoon itself up in the pupa stage. Here, they will start to develop the structures that they will need to function as adults. Once it hatches from the pupa stage, it will be a fully grown adult, ready to take on its role in the colony.

Cast systems and Broken Arrow exterminator

There is a cast system that is used to divide up the work for the ants. The reproductive cast makes sure that there is enough population for the colony to accomplish all the work necessary and survive. As before, the queen will lay all the eggs. The answer task involves helping the queen, and in some cases, multiple queens, depending on the species, will be available. Some species will use flying ants in order to create new colonies elsewhere. 

The soldier ants are next in line. These ants usually have some sort of protection or attacking mechanism, such as large heads, large mandibles, or special glands that admit acidic or sticky substances in large bodies with powerful arms and legs. These insects will go into the frame and protect the colony. If it’s under attack, and some cases will go on rating parties in order to attack other colonies,. Lastly, the workers are the females, who essentially do all the medium jobs in the colony. Contact your exterminator for help with the ants. Check out our reviews!

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