Cockroaches are one of the most common problematic household pests and among the hardiest insects on the planet. Roaches feed on human and pet food, and can leave an offensive odor. These pests can transport microbes on their body surfaces including those that are dangerous to humans, particularly in environments such as hospitals, restaurants, and schools. Cockroaches have been reported to spread several kinds of bacteria, parasitic worms, and many other types of human pathogens.

Family and Their Pet

Some species of roaches are capable of remaining active for weeks without food and can survive on limited resources like the glue from the back of a stamp. Cockroaches can adapt to a variety of environments, but prefer warmer conditions found within buildings. Roaches leave chemical trails in their feces and emit airborne pheromones for swarming and mating. These chemical trails transmit bacteria on all types of surfaces. Other cockroaches will follow these trails to discover sources of food and water, and also discover where other cockroaches are hiding. Thus, cockroaches can exhibit group or swarm behavior from a simple set of individual interactions. Cockroaches are mostly nocturnal and will run when exposed to light.



Identifying the kind of cockroach and finding harborage are most important to control


Using the correct and most effective pesticides, our technicians can eliminate any infestation


Keeping food sources in sealed containers gives cockroaches no reason to return


Our technicians can treat your home or business on a monthly, bi monthly, or quarterly basis to keep pests like these out permanently

General preventive measures against cockroaches include keeping food stored in sealed containers, using garbage cans with a tight lid, frequent cleaning in the kitchen, and regular vacuuming. Any water leaks or dripping taps should also be repaired. All entry points should be sealed off, such as holes around baseboards, in between cabinets, pipes, doors, and windows, using steel wool or copper mesh and some cement, putty, or silicone caulk.  Contact Us for a free estimate!

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