Mosquitos carrying the Zika Virus have been found in Oklahoma making mosquito control more important than ever. Though mosquitos carry many kinds of diseases, the Zika virus is particularly worrisome because of it’s effect on an unborn child when the mother has been bitten.  In addition to these rising health concerns, these pests are an annoyance for you, your family and your pets.

Family and Their Pet

TermMax’s mosquito control program includes monthly treatments during “mosquito season” starting usually in March until it gets cooler in the fall. Treatments are based on an “average”-sized house of 2,000-2,2200 square feet. For larger properties, someone will provide a quote.  These treatments are very effective if done on a monthly basis.  They destroy active adult mosquitos, dormant eggs and everything in between.  Using these safe and proven mosquito control methods will keep you and your family safe and happy in your yard!



Our Tech's will inspect your property for any standing water that may be a breeding site for mosquitos


Mosquito treatments treat your entire yard, making it mosquito free for you and your family to enjoy


Removing mosquitos removes the many diseases that they carry from endangering you and your family


Monthly services from March to October keep your loved ones safe year round

The technician treats where mosquitos tend to harbor during their resting periods, areas where they can get out of the sun such as foliage, covered porches, basically all shaded areas around the property’s perimeter. The tech will also point out conditions that need to be addressed which are/might contribute to the presence of mosquitos: standing water, trash can lids flipped over that are holding water, etc.  These conditions contribute to growing mosquito populations because these pests lay their eggs in water.  Without water they can not reproduce, lowering populations.  Call Today for a free estimate!

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