Bed bugs can be eliminated by your Tulsa pest control company. Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects that must feed from humans. They lurk within our beds and couches, waiting to feed on us unnoticed. They strike while we sleep because we are more vulnerable while we sleep. So it’s important that you protect your home from this ever-growing problem. In this article, we will take a good hard look at bed bugs, and their life cycle with what you and your Tulsa pest control company can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from these insects.

Bed bug History

We have had bed bugs for a very long time. There are caveman paintings that show bed bugs attacking people in their sleep. The Egyptians had hieroglyphics denoting that bed bugs existed in their days. The Romans wrote of these insects as well. During the middle ages, spell books included bed bugs, as an ingredient in their concoctions. So it is believed that it’s likely that cavemen living in caves were underneath bats as roosters. The bat bug, which looks almost identical to the bed bug, lived and fed upon the blood of the bats above. Some of those bat bugs either way down the walls started feeding on the humans. These were probably the first bed bugs

In the 1940s way before Tulsa pest control, a new pesticide came to town. DDT was popular then. People would dust their mattresses and sheets with it and it produced amazing results. But of course, after a while, it was discovered that DDT causes cancer. They eliminated it from the shelves immediately, but not before almost completely eliminating bed bugs. Even though they didn’t quite go extinct, they now made a massive resurgence. Every year we have more problems with bedbugs.

Bed bug signs and Tulsa Pest Control 

If you think you have a problem with bed bugs, it is important to know what the signs are. First of all, if you look in the seams of the mattress, you may see the bugs themselves. These insects are about the size and shape of an apple seed and are orange-brown in color. They have to leave skin casings behind that are the same shape and color. They also lay eggs that look like small yellow whitish rice kernels. In addition, when they feed, they often will jump a little bit of blood and then defecate. From this, you’ll see red and black spots on your mattresses or your pillows.

Of course, many times people get bitten by these insects. Well, everyone has a different reaction to their bite, the other signs are much more reliable if they are found. Contact your Tulsa pest control company for help. Check out our reviews!

If you’re having trouble with bed bugs, or any other pests, then it’s time to call a Tulsa pest control that can help you. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with bed bugs, or any other pests. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Owasso, Turley, Bixby, and Jenks. Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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