If you suspect that you have bed bugs, your Broken Arrow pest control company can help you deal with them effectively. These insects are blood-sucking parasites that feed on humans while they sleep. They usually hide in bed mattresses and couch cushions, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Bed bugs bite in the most inconvenient times, leaving itchy bites and rashes all over the body. In this article, we will take a closer look at bed bugs, their life cycle, and what you can do with the help of your Broken Arrow pest control company to protect yourself and your loved ones from these pests.

Signs of Bed Bugs and Broken Arrow Pest Control

The first step in dealing with bed bugs is to identify the signs. The most common sign is small, black and red dots found on sheets and mattresses. These dots are often found in mattress seams where bed bugs hide. They are the leftovers of the insect’s feeding and defecation. You may also find the insects themselves or their small whitish-yellow eggs in the mattress. Beyond visual cues, be attentive to unusual bites on your skin, as bed bugs often leave itchy, red welts. Another indicator is a distinct, musty odor, attributed to the bugs’ scent glands. Bed bugs can be resilient and reproduce rapidly, making early detection crucial. Regularly inspect your bedroom, including furniture, clothes, footwear, electrical outlets, and cracks in walls. In case you notice any of these signs, contact your Broken Arrow pest control company immediately.

Bed Bug Diseases

People are often concerned if they can contract diseases from bed bugs. However, bed bugs are not vectors for diseases, unlike other blood-feeding insects. Because of the way they feed, they do not allow any blood to flow back into their host. This means that there is no backwash or any opportunity for diseases to contaminate humans. Contact Broken Arrow Pest Control. Scientists have been closely tracking bedbug migrations to see if there are any diseases associated with them, but they have found none. Nevertheless, dealing with bed bugs can be very unsettling for people, as they know that these insects prey on them while they sleep. Therefore, it is essential to contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for help if you think you have a bed bug problem. They provide the necessary expertise to detect and eliminate bed bugs from your home, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable sleep. Check out our reviews!

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