Here at the best Broken Arrow pest control company, we have noticed changes in the bed bug industry. As per recent research done by the University of Arkansas, the bed bug population has been getting larger year over year since 2004. This is concerning for bed bugs and your pets.  This scary fact has put bed bugs officially at epidemic status in the United States. We find them in every state, but the highest infestation rates are found in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Ohio.

These nasty little pests find their way into our homes and feed on our blood.  That’s right…  They bite and suck human blood.  In order to come into contact with us, they like to find places that they can live in close contact to us, but still find shelter if need be.  This is why many Broken Arrow pest control companies find them often in our bedding, hence the name.  These insects can burrow deep into blankets and mattresses to hide, and come out at night to take a blood meal while we are sleeping.  Yuck!

As concern grows over the bed bug population in the US, people are realizing that bed bugs aren’t only found in filthy environments – they’ve been found by Broken Arrow pest control companies in the nicest homes and hotels, as well. Bed bugs are definitely not discriminating – they’ll set up in your home anywhere there are food sources, and those food sources are people and pets.

Yes, bed bugs can bite your pets.  They prefer human blood, but will resort to other animals when either human blood is scarce, or population pressure makes it difficult to take a blood meal from a human.  It’s important to understand that bed bugs don’t rely only on blood to sustain them.  We at this Broken Arrow pest control company have found that they can actually consume a number of things.  But, in order to move from one life cycle to another, such as laying eggs, they need a large amount of energy.  This is where the blood meal comes into play.  So for every time you or your pet has been bitten, one of these pests has either molted, or worse yet, laid eggs. 

As population concerns for bed bugs arise, so do the concerns of health risk.  While it is possible to carry and, at least theoretically, transmit some blood born diseases such as Hepatitis B or C, it’s never actually been proven or documented.  But this doesn’t change the fact that a bed bug infestation can be a huge psychological burden, and an uncomfortable nuisance to you and your pet. But a call to the best Broken Arrow pest control company can get you back on track.  

The good news is that bed bugs can be eliminated from your home!  The bad news is that they are some of the most difficult pests to exterminate.  But this is where we at TermMax come in!  If you live in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, or Owasso Oklahoma area, then we can help you rid yourself of this terrible pest.  Here at TermMax we have a time tested, three part system that is guaranteed to eliminate bed bug infestations.  We use a combination of pesticide, heat and encasement that will protect you and your pets from these nasty pests.  And, here at the best Broken Arrow pest control company, we guarantee all of our exterminator work including bed bugs.  Contact Us today and let us help you!

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