If you’re having an issue with bedbugs, or any other insect this time to call a Broken Arrow exterminator, they can help. Bedbugs are a growing pestilence. Every year these insects get worse and worse and worse. We get more calls and more calls. Bedbugs are a blood feeding parasite that only feed upon humans as we sleep. Having to live with them is a terrible thing and no one should have to do this. In this article, let’s take a good heart look at bedbugs, their life cycle, and what you and your Broken Arrow exterminator can do to get rid of these insects.


Bedbugs have been around a very long time. We have records of the Egyptian‘s dealing with bedbugs, the Romans wrote about them, even the middle ages included them as an ingredient in some of their spells and witchcraft. Entomologists believe that the bedbug began back when we were still caveman. As we lived in these caves, that’s roosting above us. That’s our tormented by a parasite known as a bat bug. Bedbugs look, almost exactly like a bedbug, and only entomologists can tell the difference between a two. It’s believe that some of these bat bugs crawl down the side of the walls and started to feed upon the caveman below. Those bat bugs became the modern day bedbug.

Bedbugs tormented people all the way up until about the 1940s. It was at this time. A new treatment came to the market. DDT was a wonder drug. This miracle of a pesticide was able to take care of so many different path situations. It wasn’t long before people applied it to bedbugs. They were douse their mattresses and sheets and DDT completely oblivious liberating these insects. it was so effective, in fact that the bedbug almost went extinct during this time. But it wasn’t long before scientist realize that DDT was a carcinogenic. Because it caused cancer, it was taken off the market and no longer put in use. Ever since then, bedbugs have been making a resurgence. Every year they get worse and worse, and their population grows a number. If you’re having trouble with these bedbugs, contact your broken arrow exterminator. 


Bedbugs grow using an incomplete metamorphosis. They are much more primitive bug than ants, bees or wasps. The female bedbug will lay an egg usually between the mattress seams. Bedbugs find comfort in feeling the pressure of the mattress underneath them and above them. Often they’ll be wedged in the corner of rooms or again in these mattress scenes. Because of this they’ll hide their eggs in the same place. When the egg, hatches, and nympho emerge. This nymph is a smaller version of the adult bedbug. It will be about the size of a head of a pin in translucent in color. The nymph will seek out its first blood meal as soon as I can.

Once the nymph has fed for the first time, the blood will stay in the insides of it, brownish orange. It will maintain his color for the rest of his life. As it grows, it will out grow its exoskeleton. The chitin in the exoskeleton is only so flexible. it must be shed every once in a while for the insect continue to grow. In fact, the insect will molt five times before it gets to adulthood. The multi process does take a lot of energy. So before each moth, the bedbug will have to feed in order to have the energy to go through the process. Contact your broken arrow exterminating for help with these insects.


Bedbugs will mold for the last time, and then become adult bedbugs. At this point they are searching for me too reproduce. The females have a blacked out on their back. This will be used in the process. The process of meeting for bedbugs is known as traumatic insemination. The reason for this is because females do not have a sexual opening in their exoskeleton. In order for them to me, the mail will try to break open the exoskeleton in order to, insert his reproductive material. The red dot on the back of the female gives the bedbug, a place to attempt this process. In some cases, the male bedbugs are not as successful in their name, but meeting can still occur even if he misses. In high population situation, the females will begin to flee the males, and go up the walls. If you’re seeing bedbugs on your walls, and you probably have a very severe infestation.


There are many different products on the market control bedbugs. They are difficult to control because their preferred place of shelter is our beds. Most people wear the least amount of clothes to bed. They will for their in the entire day. Because of this, there’s a lot of skin on sheet contact. Keeping pesticides from my skin is very important. Over-the-counter solutions are usually ineffective because they use a pesticide known as permethrin. Permethrin‘s are a pesticide derived from a natural occurring pesticide found in chrysanthemum plants. This pesticide was used extensively against bedbugs to the 90s and they have become immune to them. Today your modern broken or exterminator will use non-repellent sprays that can take care of these insects.

If you’re having an issue with bedbugs, or any other pests, then it’s time to call your local Broken Arrow exterminator for help. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with bedbugs or any other pest. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Sand Springs, Prattville, Sapulpa, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, Turley, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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