Bees and wasps are insects that if you find in your home or around your love ones, you can contact your Broken Arrow pest control company to eliminate these insects. Bees and wasps are stinging insects that can find a way in and around your home. In normal situations, they are important pollinators for our ecosystem, but if they’re in the wrong place, they can be pests. It’s important to protect your family and your loved ones from these insects. So in this article, let’s take a good hard look at bees and wasps, their life cycle, and what you and your Broken Arrow pest control company can do to protect yourselves, and your loved ones from these insects.


Bees are eusocial insects that use complete metamorphosis to develop. This means that the bee starts as an egg that has been laid by the queen. It hatches as a larva, then, after feeding for a while, become a pupa, and lastly emerge as an adult. The pupa form of the bee is much like the cocoon version of the caterpillar, becoming a butterfly. All of these stages of life are nurtured by the worker bees inside the colony. These bees will forage for food, tend to the young and build hives and other things that are necessary for the survival of the hive. In addition to the workers, we also have drones which are the males in the beehive. These drones have no stinger and are only tasked with mating with the queen in order to give her what she needs to bring forth those eggs.


Wasps also use a complete metamorphosis, but without the colony aspect. The female wasp will build a nest and then go out to hunt for food. She will use her stinger to paralyze small spiders and grubs and then take them back to her and her nest. The nest consists of a number of cells. These are small rooms in which she will place these paralyzed insects, and then lay one egg on top of them. And then she’ll cap off the top of the cell. 

Social wasps, create nests with many cells in it. Solitary wasps create nests with one cell each. Once the egg hatches from the egg, it will be a larva. This larva will feed on the paralyzed insect until it gets to the point where it will pupate. It will develop into an adult wasp and then break through the cap on the top of the cell. It will emerge as an adult and go onto mate and create its own offspring. Your Broken Arrow pest control company for help with bees and wasps.


In the fall, male and female wasps will mate for the last time. The females will go off and find a crack or crevice that they can get into to last through the rest of the winter months. The males will die off in the cold. Once the warmth of spring comes back, these females will feel it and start to move towards that heat. When they come out, they’ll be extremely hungry and need to feed right away. They’ve gone through all of the winter months without eating at all, and have no fat on their small bodies. Because of this, they have to find a flower within about 10 to 30 minutes in order to feed on the nectar. If they don’t do this, they will starve and die. Once they accomplish that, they will begin the process of creating their nest and bring forth their own offspring.

Sometimes, in the winter months, these female wasps will find their way into a place where they become a pest for us. If the crack or crevice, where the female wasp decides to overwinter, happens to be a part of our home, this can sometimes cause issues. Often chimneys or gaps in shingles can house these small insects. When we turn on the heat of our homes, sometimes they will sense that heat and think that the warmth of spring is upon us. They will start to move towards the heat and find themselves inside our homes. This can be a very dramatic event, startling the homeowners. But the truth is without that flower, these insects will die within a matter about 30 minutes at most. Contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for help with these wasps.


When a random bee or wasp makes its way into your yard, this is usually not an issue. They’re looking for food that they can draw from a flower or a place for them to create a nest. Usually they’ll either get their nectar and move on or not find a place for a nest and move on as well. If you approach them, they will fly away and attempt to get away from you. Bees and wasps, do not seek out a fight with us. They only defend them selves if they feel threatened. 

But wasp nests and beehives are a different matter all together. These insects will risk their lives in order to protect these hives and nests from attackers. Many different wild animals attempt to get into the beehives to relieve them of their honey. So when these hives and nests find their place around our homes, or loved ones, they could be a problem. It’s at this time when you need to call your Broken Arrow pest control company for help to get rid of these nests or hives.

If you’re having an issue with bees or wasps, or any other stinging insect, then it is time to contact your Broken Arrow pest control company. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business, when it comes to dealing with all kinds of stinging insects. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Claremore, Catoosa, Coweta, Owasso, Turley, Jenks, Bixby, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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