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So what’s the problem with Borax? Follow this link to see The Beauty of Borax.

Peruse any DIY web site or forum where people are trading recipes for a myriad of pest control issues and it won’t be long before you see someone telling the world to use Borax to get rid of ‘said’ problem. These concoctions range from mixing Borax and sugar for killing roaches to sprinkling an entire box all over your flooring for fleas. You can even get rid of mice with this miracle product by simply lining the floors along the walls with a “thick coating’ of the stuff. Mice don’t like walking in it and will soon run away” or so touts the anonymous poster. How nice and how kind to the mouse not to kill it, finally a humane way to get rid of mice and still be safe for the kids- I say keep some in the box so when they find your dead body they’ll have something to make a chalk line around you as you lay on the floor – dead!


Borax is NOT labeled as an insecticide and the MSDS sheet specifically tells you how they intend for you to use their product. “This product is a laundry care product. The use of this product by consumers is safe under normal and reasonable foreseen use.”

We’ve known since 1904 that Boric Acid and Borax is dangerous if ingested yet we still spread this poison all across our floors and counters where we come in contact with, breathe in and let our little ones crawl and play all over our treated areas. (and this testing was ON HUMANS)

Borax is a chemical and 3 to 6 grams is all that’s needed to kill a child and 15 to 20 for an adult. To put this in perspective, a nickel weighs 4.5 grams, do you want to risk a persons life for a measly five to fifteen cents?

A Borax Crystal

If you read my companion article Borax-Beauty and The Beast you would quickly see I am in no way indicting this fine product, I am however warning unsuspecting homeowners who think they are simply applying a harmless powder that will in no wise pose a threat. I am also calling out the purveyors of websites and so called experts who are contributing to this hazard. Interesting to note that it’s not

pest control professionals telling you to use this product but our so called Green friends. This is so irresponsible and cuts any credibility this movement has if those in the forefront of Green Pest Control stand idly by and do not speak up. Labels and safety don’t stop at the environmentally friendly door. (good news-found one environmentally friendly site that agrees at least about it’s usage-here) I wouldn’t even recommend a person to use Boric Acid in these ways even though it is essentially the same thing and it IS labeled for pest control. It too is relied on as a natural alternative but this inorganic substance is also very dangerous in the hands of the ill informed.

Is Borax a safe product and beneficial? Yes, when used for intended purposes and in the way in which it is recommended you should have no problems. No, when it is ignorantly and carelessly strewn about in the name of saving the planet or just saving a few bucks. It is at that time when the Beauty of Borax becomes the Beast that Can Kill You.

If you are dealing with a pest control issue and you’re not sure if borax is the right solution, contact us here at TermMax.  We’re here to help!

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