Wasps can be a big issue in Oklahoma that you can have your Broken Arrow pest control company to come and help you with. Even as we enter into the winter months, these insects can be a problem in Tulsa homes and the surrounding area. Wasps are stinging insects that can deliver a painful sting if you find yourself at the wrong end of them. They are definitely protective of their young and will often protect themselves if they feel threatened. In this article, let’s take a good hard look at wasps, their life cycle, and how your Broken Arrow pest control company can help protect you from these insects.


Being that it’s the winter months, wasps are often thought to be a moot point. But the truth is that in many cases wasps are still around and can be seen even inside your homes. In the fall time, wasps will pair up and mate. The males will die off in preparation for winter, while the females will find a place to overwinter. They will use cracks and crevices in trees and stumps or rocks in the woods in order to stay warm and alive through the winter months. Once in these places, they will go dormant. Often they will find the same kinds of gaps in your siding or gaps in the roofing shingles or other places on your home. 

Once the winter months come, you will turn the heat on in your home. Often these fertilized females will sense the heat your home and believe that there is spring around the corner. Now they become awake and start to move towards the heat. If they’re in a position that they can get into the house then they will try to do exactly that. Often I have customers that call about dead wasps inside their house because of this. The truth is that these wasps need to eat as soon as they come out of hibernation. They have no fat on their bodies so they are starving. If they can’t get to a flower and eat some of the nectar very quickly, then they will die. Because there are no flowers in the winter time, they start to death quite quickly. Call your Broken Arrow pest control company today!


During the summer months, we see many different kinds of wasps in the Oklahoma landscape. There are essentially two kinds of wasps. They are social wasps, and solitary wasps. Solitary wasps, tend to be Mud Daubers, are these kinds of wasps. They will create a single cell nest that they leave and allow them to come to full adulthood on their own. 

Mud dauber adults will grab a bunch of mud and create this single cell usually on the side of a building or a tree. They will go out and hunt for spiders and small grubs and paralyzed them using their stinger. They’ll carry these insects back to this single cell nest, placing it in there and then laying an egg on top of these paralyzed insects. They’ll cap off the cell and leave the egg to grow and develop. Once the egg hatches and a larva emerges, it will feed on the paralyzed insects within the single cell nest. Once it grows to full adulthood, it will break out of the end of the mud of its nest, and fly away as a fully grown adult wasp, ready to create its own Mud Dauber nest. Your Broken Arrow pest control company can help.


Social wasps, on the other hand, usually have multiple cells to their nests. One example is the paper wasp. We often see paper wasp nests up in the corners of buildings and under eaves. They will create nest using the pulp from chewed up wood and plant material. From this pulp, they will create the paper that they build their nest from. Each cell will have its own egg inside of it. As the larva grows, it will pupate inside the cell and then emerge as a full grown adult. Social wasps also will hunt with their stingers, paralyzing their prey. They will carry the prey back and put it inside each one of the cells of the nest so that the eggs have something to eat when they hatch.

The sting of the wasp is a cocktail of neurotoxins that is predominantly used for hunting. Of course, it can be used for protection, but its main purpose is to paralyze its prey for its young. If you get stung by a wasp, in most cases, it’s an easily dealt with problem that you can solve in your own home. You will want to disinfect the area and apply any anti-pain medication’s that you’d like that you can find over the counter at your local pharmacy. Then put a Band-Aid on it and try to keep it as clean as you can. Call your local Broken Arrow pest control company to get rid of them.  

If you have a strong allergy against bee and wasp stings, then you may need to seek medical attention if you’ve been stung. Severe allergic reactions can cause you to go to anaphylactic shock and even possibly die if it’s not treated effectively and in a timely manner. Consult your doctor for your specific situation.


If you’re dealing with an issue with whites or any other pests, it’s time to give your local Broken Arrow pest control company a call. Here at TermMax Pest Control, we’re the best in the business when it comes to dealing with wasps, bees, or any other pests. We serve service the greater Tulsa area, including Turley, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Prattville, Jenks, Bixby, Sapulpa, and much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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