Cockroaches are insects that you can effectively deal with using your Broken Arrow Exterminator. These pantry pests infiltrate our kitchens and pantry areas, feeding on our food, water and waste. They hide behind our appliances to reproduce and multiply rapidly. Cockroaches are notorious for spreading diseases and causing problems in various ways. This article takes a close look at their life cycle and how you and your Broken Arrow Exterminator can protect yourself and your loved ones from these unpleasant insects.

Cockroach Diseases and Broken Arrow Exterminator

Cockroaches being at the bottom of the food chain play a crucial role. They feed on trash and decompose organic material, diligently cleaning up after the deceased in nature and our homes. However, they also find themselves as prey for other predators. Due to their constant interaction with unsanitary environments, they become carriers of bacteria. Sewage and decaying matter stick to their body, and if they find their way into your homes, these bacteria can pose a risk to our health and safety.

While a cockroach crawling across a countertop might appear harmless, the diseases they leave behind can be horrific. That’s why it’s vital to contact your Broken Arrow Exterminator if you suspect a cockroach problem. They can help protect you and your loved ones from these persistent insects.

Controlling Cockroaches

In most cases, when people discover cockroaches in their homes, they often head to the hardware store to purchase a can of pesticide. Spraying this pesticide can create barriers that deter these insects. Over-the-counter repellent pesticides cause the insects to flee. However, if a group of cockroaches becomes trapped behind an appliance or within a wall, they will start multiplying while waiting for the best opportunity to emerge.

Here’s the catch: if you wait about 30 days for such a barrier to break down, you’ll end up with a bigger problem than when you started. It’s crucial to use the right products, and that’s where your Broken Arrow Exterminator comes in. They employ non-repellent sprays that cockroaches can pick up and carry back to their hiding spots. This approach not only targets the visible roaches but also those lurking out of sight.

Additionally, bait stations can be effective. Larger cockroaches pick up the bait and venture out for food, which the younger ones then consume. Lastly, dust can penetrate cracks and crevices where other pesticides might not reach.

Remember, if you suspect a cockroach problem, don’t hesitate to contact your Broken Arrow Exterminator, we will help you tackle these persistent pests. Check out our reviews!

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