Cockroaches are a pantry pest that can be controlled by your Tulsa exterminator.

Cockroaches are an insect that invite themselves into our homes, and attempt to feed up on the same food that we eat. They look for moisture, and they look for a place to live and eat. These insects can carry many different kinds of diseases that can be a problem for you and your family. It’s important that you understand cockroaches, and how to get rid of them in order to deal with these insects. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at cockroaches, their life cycle and what you and your Tulsa exterminator can do to protect yourself from these insects.


The number one determiner of if you’re going to have cockroaches or not is usually the sanitation of your home. These insects are highly attracted to the foods that we eat. The clutter that we have in our homes can give them lots of places to live. Because of this, it’s important to keep a clean house in order to keep them out of your home. If you don’t do the dishes at night, cockroaches can make a meal out of the food particles that have been attached to the plates and silverware that you find in your sink. If dishwashers are not washed adequately and sealed, cockroaches and other insects can make their way inside of the dishwasher and find food the same way.

Heavily cluttered areas, give cockroaches the places to hide and set up shop for their families. These insects are not eusocial. Even though they don’t organize themselves into colonies, they still do have a community that they use. Because of this, cockroaches will usually find their way inside a wall, or behind an appliance, where they can hide and protect their numbers. When you see a cockroach on your countertop, it’s usually the largest and oldest cockroaches that are foraging for food. 

As they find food, some of the food particles with stick to the side of them, and they’ll make their way back to their harborage point. Here the young will eat the food particles off the side of them and after the insect defecates, they’ll also feed upon the droppings. So, even if a cockroach isn’t eating the stuff on your countertop, if it walks through other food substances, it can carry that back and feed other cockroaches. Contact your Tulsa exterminator for help with cockroaches.


These insects develop using an incomplete metamorphosis. This means that they hatch from an egg as a nymph. The smaller version of the adult cockroach will molt or shed its exoskeleton multiple times before it will become a full grown adult. These exoskeleton can cause many different problems in your home. Cockroaches reproduce very quickly. So in a short period of time you could have hundreds even thousands of cockroaches in your walls. All of those cockroaches shedding their exoskeleton‘s make for a lot of dead material. This material breaks down into a dust that can cause asthma in children. It’s important to protect your children from this by keeping your cockroach populations to zero if possible.

If a group of cockroaches find themselves in an overpopulated situation, they will actually turn on one another and cannibalize some of their own numbers. While this sounds vicious, it’s actually a survival technique that conserves the amount of bodily building material that they have access to. Too many cockroaches means too many mouthes to feed, and some of them will starve. But if they consume some of these cockroaches, they can use the proteins that their bodies are made up to create living cockroaches that will survive. Contact your Tulsa exterminator for help with cockroaches.


In most cases, when people see a cockroach, they’ll go get a can of their favorite pesticide and start spraying away. This can be the worst thing that you can possibly do. These sprays have two parts of them. The first part of the knockdown pesticide that will kill upon contact. It usually lasts only a few minutes before it breaks down and goes away. In addition to that, there is a repellent pesticide that can last up to 30 days. This pesticide can trap a group of cockroaches in a wall or other place where they can continue to multiply until their numbers become larger than when you started. In the end, these kinds of pesticides can be detrimental to your situation.

Your Tulsa exterminator will have multiple different ways of dealing with these insects. First of all, they usually will use a non-repellent spray that the cockroaches will walk through without realizing it’s there. Once they do this, they’ll go back to the harborage point and spread it around to all the young in the wall gap or wherever they’re living. Baits are also another method by which they do this. 

Often the adults will not only eat the baits themselves, but track it back to their harborage point. Baits that are on the exoskeleton of the adults will be eaten by the young killing off all of the insects in the harborage point. And lastly, dust can be used to eliminate cockroaches. Dust can get into cracks and crevices that most sprays and baits cannot. These pesticides can get into wall crevices in through the power outlets, where cockroaches make their way into your home. Go to your Tulsa exterminator for help with all of these solutions.


If you’re having issues with cockroaches or any other pests, then its time to call in a Tulsa exterminator that can help you. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with cockroaches, or any other issues. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Jenks, Turley, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Owasso, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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