Hiding in the night, many predators hunt for food.  The evening is a very active time for many species in the animal kingdom.  The insects are no different.  One such predator is the scorpion.  Here in Oklahoma, the most prominent scorpion that we have is the bark scorpion.  These small arachnids are not dangerous to humans, but can still cause fear and anxiety in many different people.  But, do scorpions glow in the dark? Yes, scorpions have a layer in their exoskeleton that converts ultra violet light into a blue green glow.  

Scorpions have the ability to turn ultra violet light into a blue green glow that they can cast off. If you are looking for them, a UV flashlight can be useful.  Scientists believe that this glow in the dark effect is because of their eyesight.  They can’t see very well, and only have receptors for one color, greenish blue.  By converting the UV light from the moon and stars, they can light up their own area with the single color that they can see the best.  This gives them an advantage in the dark.  They are also more prone to stay in one place when glowing, probably to hunt their prey.  


In Oklahoma, we have between three and five different species of scorpion.  The most common by a long shot is the bark scorpion.  All scorpions are arachnids.  Not being insects, this means that they are in the same family as ticks, spiders and mites.  They do have a venomous tail that they use to hunt, but are almost never aggressive to humans unless they are provoked.  These little guys prefer to stay hidden and run when threatened.  Don’t live with scorpions in your home.  Call a Tulsa exterminator today!

The bark scorpion gets its name from the fact that it is often found hiding under a loose piece of tree bark.  They are brown with two darker stripes down their back. These scorpions, like many other species of scorpion, have two large pincers that they can grab and hold their prey with, and a stinger on its tail.  Being arachnids, they have eight legs and two body parts, the head and body.  


These anthropoids are nocturnal.  Hunting at night, they don’t actively seek out their prey.  They hide, and wait for a meal to walk by.  Once an unwilling volunteer becomes available, they will jump out, grab their prey with their pincers, and sting it with its tail.  Often the crushing ability of the scorpions pincers is enough to kill its food.   After this, the scorpion will suck out the body fluids of the insect.  Scorpions will eat insects, centipedes, spiders and even other scorpions.  They are truly designed to be survivors.  

Scorpions have very malleable metabolisms.  They become very sluggish and even dormant in the cold weather months.  If food is scarce, they can survive up to two years without food or water.  They do this by going almost completely dormant.  Because of this, they are often found in dry and arid places.  They don’t require much water, but you will sometimes find them attracted to damp areas such as plumbing and air conditioning units.  Contact your Tulsa pest control company for help.  


Scorpions will mate usually in the fall or late summer.  The mating process is an elaborate one that can last up to 36 hours.  Who knew that scorpions were so romantic? Their gestation period can last anywhere from five months to over a year.  This varies because of their environment.  If a mother scorpion has access to an abundance of food, she will be able to foster faster development in her young.  In more difficult climates, it may take longer.  The young are born in semi transparent sacs.  Her litter can be anywhere from 15 to 100 young scorpions.  This, again, depends upon a variety of factors that will support her families survival.  

Once the young break out of their egg sacs, they will consume the egg sack, and then climb up upon the mothers back.  They are each equipped with a yolk that they can sustain themselves upon during this period.  They will remain on the mothers back until they go through their first molt.  Then they will go out on their own.  At this time, the young scorpions will already be capable of stinging.  It will take another full year to develop into an adult.  These arachnids will live between three to five years.  For more information, call your Broken Arrow exterminator.  


In most cases, scorpions prefer the outdoors.  But, as we continue to take up their habitat, they are forced to find new places to live.  In most cases, they will start in a rocky area, or somewhere where they can find hiding places.  But if there is construction in your neighborhood, you could find that misplaced scorpions could be looking for a new home, and they may have found it in your home.  Keeping cracks and gaps sealed up can help to keep them away.  Also, making sure the plumbing is not leaking can keep the damp areas away.  Condensation on air conditioning lines can be limited by putting insulating covers over pipes and lines.  


If you are having issues with scorpions or any other pests in your home, it is time to call in a professional.  TermMax Pest Control is the best Broken Arrow pest control company in the area.  We can get rid of any pest, scorpion or otherwise.  We service the greater Tulsa area including Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Pratville, Turley, Coweta, Owasso, Claremore, Catoosa and much more.  Call  today for a free in home estimate.  We are here to help!

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