Rodents are a problem for homes and businesses all over the country. These small mammals can get into your food stock and contaminate and spread disease. It’s so important, especially restaurants, to protect yourself against these kind of vermin. In this article, we will look into the lifecycle, habits and methods of control of rodents such as mice and rats. 


There are essentially two kinds of rats in Oklahoma. We have a Norway rat, and in the common roof rat. These rats are more than capable of getting into warehouses and restaurants in Oklahoma. They are very adept at climbing, running, and hiding in multiple places. You’ll find them mostly in warehouses where they can find food and shelter, and other large places. Roof rats tend to be more in attic’s and above. Norway rats tend to be more in grassy areas and lower places. 

Mice are also an issue. The household mice mouse is very common in Oklahoma. These tiny rodents will find a way into your home and make a nest in your own home reproducing and eating your food. Mice are very good at getting into small places. Your average mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime and your average rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. They’re good at getting their bodies through just about any crack. If they can get their head through, they can get their body through. This is because the rib cages are very flexible and can be manipulated in such a way to get through small spaces. They will use his ability to get into your home or your restaurant and get a quick meal. 


Cold weather usually drives these animals indoors and most people will have problems with them during the winter. There are methods of control to get rid of these rodents, though. In a restaurant or business situation it is important that you get in contact with your Broken Arrow pest control company and create an integrated pest management system in order to eliminate these rodents and keep them out. This is vitally important because one contamination could cause a food poisoning incident that would be detrimental to your business. Most health inspectors would like to see an integrated pest management system in place with a reputable Tulsa pest control company. 

There are three main ways that pest control technicians take care of rodents. The first one is exclusion. Exclusion is a method of patching holes and gaps in buildings in order to keep rodents from being able to get inside. In Oklahoma this can be a constant job because the ground moves and therefore do do buildings. Gaps and cracks tend to open and close on a regular basis. The second method used by most pest control technicians is poison. Rodenticide’s are very effective in controlling mice and rat populations. It’s important that these rodenticides are applied in accordance to the label, and in approved rodent boxes. This keeps other animals from being able to access the rodenticide and poisoning non target animals. These boxes are very effective at keeping animals such as squirrels, dogs, cats or even children away from dangerous rodenticides. Placed in the right places they will allow for rodent control in and around your business or home. The third and final way that we get rid of rodents is through trapping. Rodent traps are common and can be bought over the counter. The downside of these traps is that they kill the pest immediately and must be cleaned out quite quickly. A dead mouse or rat can be a health risk and could smell very bad quite quickly. The best way to utilize these three methods of rodent control is to call your local Tulsa exterminator. They will have a program they can apply to your home or business that’s going to keep rodents out. 


Stopping mice and rats from getting in your house is the best prevention against any kind of rodent infestation. Rodents are very athletic animals. They can jump high, climb far and run fast. Mice have very good sense of smell, hearing and feeling. Unfortunately, they have very bad eyesight, though. Their eyesight is really more nearsighted than anything else. Because of this mice will run next to walls to feel the wall with their whiskers. This way they know where they’re at and are not going to run into anything. Because of this, it’s important to go ahead and put any kind of traps or rodent bait near walls in the path that they would follow along those walls. By doing so, you have the highest chance of eliminating rodents in your home or business. 


Mice and rats are vectors for more diseases than most other animals. They are a huge factor for multiple diseases including the bubonic plague. In the Middle Ages, fleas would bite rats passing the bubonic plague to them and rats would bite people again passing the bubonic plague to people. Unfortunately, the black plague is still around. We find it mostly in the southern states and in poor, rural areas. It is easily treatable with today’s anabiotic‘s, but still very important that we bring any symptoms to the attention of a health professional as quickly as possible. Controlling rodents will keep diseases like this and others from touching your family or patrons. 


If you find yourself in a situation with rodents in your home or business, it’s time to call a pest professional. TermMax Pest Control is the best in the business at protecting your home or business from these kinds of pests. Rodents are not the easiest thing in the world to eliminate, but with the help of a great Broken Arrow exterminator, you can live rodent free in your home. We serve the greater Tulsa area including Bixby, Coweta, Jenks, Sand Springs, Pratville, Sapulpa, Catoosa, Claremore, Muskogee, Owasso, Turley and much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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