Your Broken Arrow pest control company will have a perfect route to deal with fleas in your home. Fleas are an insect that feed off the blood of mammals. They will attach them selves to the fur of your dog or cat to make their way into your home. Here, if they can do so, they’ll set up shop in your home, creating a terrible situation for you and your loved ones. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at fleas, their life cycle and what you and your Broken Arrow pest control company can do to protect yourself from these bloodsucking insects.


Because fleas feed off the blood of mammals, they will use their injection style mouthparts to draw blood from us. Because of this, they will backwash often and transfer any kind of diseases that they may be carrying into our bloodstream or the bloodstream of our pets. There are many different diseases that can be passed this way. The black plague was the most famous of these diseases that was transmitted from rats to humans by way of the flea. A flea would bite the rats and then bite the humans and then we would come down with terrible symptoms of this disease that wiped out millions of people in Europe during the middle ages. Today we have treatments for this disease if it’s caught early enough. Black plague is still around in the southern part of America.

Your pets are also susceptible to diseases from these insects. Anemia is one disease that can cause problems. This is where there’s so many fleas attacking a small animal that the blood count ends up low. If it gets too low, the animal can die from anemia. It’s important that you get  in touch with your veterinarian if you think this is a problem. If you haven’t, then know that it’s time to call your Broken Arrow pest control company for help. Check out our reviews!


If you believe you have a flea infestation, the first place to start it with your veterinarian. They can prescribe the treatments that are necessary for your dog or cat in order to get fleas off of them to begin with. Once this is done, treating the fleas in your home and possibly yard is the next step. This is where your Broken Arrow pest control company will come into play. They have treatments for both of these areas that will be able to annihilate the flea populations in your home and around it.

If you’re having issues with fleas or any other insects, then it’s time to call a Broken Arrow pest control company that can help. Here at TermMax Pest Control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with fleas, or any other bloodsucking insect. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Owasso, Turley, Jenks, Bixby, Prattville, Coweta, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Catoosa, Claremore, Broken Arrow, and so much more. Call today for free estimate. We’re here to help!

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