Fleas are a parasitic insect that can be dealt with by your Broken Arrow pest control company. Our pets are our loved ones that are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. Because of this, these dogs and cats and other animals must be protected against parasites such as fleas. These insects not only are uncomfortable for our pets, but also can spread diseases and many other issues for these small animals. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at fleas, their lifecycle, and what you and your Broken Arrow pest control company can do to stop them from hurting you.


Fleas are blood feeders. This means that they use their syringe like mouth parts to inject a needle like tube to draw blood out of your pet. When this happens, often there’s backwash involved, making the host animal, susceptible to any diseases that the flea might be carrying. There are many diseases that have been transmitted by flea bite. The black plague is one of the most predominant ones that we know of. Back in the Middle Ages, Europe was ravaged by this terrible disease that killed millions of people. Fleas were biting rats and then biting humans, passing the disease from rats to humans. Today we still have the black plague down in the southern parts of America. The good thing is this disease is treatable if it’s caught in time.

Fleas can also cause skin issues in your pet. Of course, when there are fleas on your animal, it will cause them to scratch. Excessive scratching can break the skin and cause lesions and rashes. Also, dermatitis can be caused by excessive amounts of fleas on her skin. In addition to this, fleas are vectors for many different types of diseases and parasites, such as the tapeworm. 

Both your animal, and you can be susceptible to this terrible parasite. The juvenile version of a tapeworm will be transmitted from the flea into your bloodstream or the bloodstream of your pet. It will make its way to your intestines and then grow into a very long and large worm feeding upon the food coming through your digestive system. It can cause many different kinds of issues, including excessive fatigue, dark circles around the eyes and a compromised immune system. Contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for help dealing with fleas.


There are many different over-the-counter flea treatments available. Unfortunately, these flea treatments are difficult to apply and can be often ineffective. Contacting your Broken Arrow pest-control company is the best solution for fleas. They’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it to get them gone. In the first place, you will need to remove fleas from your pets. To do this, your Broken Arrow pest control company actually can’t help. You’ll need to contact your veterinarian to get the proper flea control for your animal. 

Once this is done, then your Broken Arrow pest control company can come in and start to treat your home. Fleas use a complete metamorphosis to complete their lifecycle. This includes the egg, the larva, the pupa and the adult flea. Its the adult flea that is the only part of the lifecycle that actually happens on the host animal. All the other parts of their lifecycle happened in the carpeting of your home. Your Broken Arrow pest control company can help you eliminate fleas.


So, in order to kill these fleas, you’ll need to have the home treated. While the first treatment will be very effective in dealing with any adults and larva that are in your home, the eggs and pupa will be protected against these pesticides. In order to get rid of all of the fleas, you’ll need to treat multiple times. 

In many cases, you’ll notice that after the first treatment the fleas will suddenly be gone. But after a week or two, you’ll have a resurgence of these insects. What happened is the eggs and the the pupa have hatched. Now you have a second generation of fleas that you’re dealing with. You’ll need to treat multiple times in order to kill these bugs and vacuum often between treatments. Vacuuming mimics the heat and vibration of a possible host animal. This will draw these insects out of their protected states. Contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for more information.


The third and final place that you will need to deal with fleas is possibly in your yard. There will always be insects in your yard, including fleas. But if you have an excessive amount of fleas in your yard, then a yard treatment is an important tool against these insects. Of course your pet is going to have to go outside from time to time to use the bathroom and just enjoy the outside air. Keeping fleas from them is important.

Your Broken Arrow pest control company will use a mister to apply a pesticide to the foliage out in your yard. This will kill all the fleas that are in the lava and adult stage. Again, this doesn’t necessarily kill every flea in your yard, but it can bring the numbers down to a manageable point. It’s important to do these kinds of things if you’re going to continue to have pets in your home.

If you’re having an issue with fleas or any other insect, then its time to contact your Broken Arrow pest control company. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with fleas or any other insects. We service a greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Claremore, Coweta, Owasso, Turley, Sand Springs, Prattville, Sapulpa, Jenks, Bixby, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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