Here in Green country, we are entering the spring season. With it will come gardening, mowing the lawn and general maintenance over all of our homes and businesses. Part of that maintenance will be the controlling of pests and insects. Every year we have to go out and do things to make sure that our love ones are not affected by these random insects and rodents. In order to do that, we apply chemicals known as pesticides to protect ourselves from them. It’s important to understand the safety features of these pesticides and how to apply them properly. Will take a look at pesticides and their uses in this article.


Pesticides can be very dangerous if they are misused. Using them safely is of the utmost importance. And the first key to doing this is to make sure that you read the entire label. Pesticide manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year in order to make sure that their labels are correct. If you use these chemicals according to the label, you will be using them in a safe and healthy manner. It’s important to remember that these chemicals are specifically designed to kill something. But if they’re misused, they could kill a lot more than the intended target. 

Not only is it important to properly use pesticides to protect ourselves and our families from adverse effects, but it’s also important to protect our environment. One of the biggest hazards of using pesticides incorrectly is water contamination. Our water treatment centers are not equipped to handle the extreme toxicity that you’ll find in most pesticides. Because of this, it is very important to keep pesticides away from drainage and never overuse them. Call a Tulsa pest control company today.


Always mix them at the levels that have been listed on the labels. This ensures that we are keeping our environment safe. Dosage is a key factor in how pesticides function. Insects are small, so what we’re trying to kill is usually very small. Because of that, we can apply these chemicals in very small dosages. Then even if by some chance a larger animals such as a pet or or a human somehow inject some of this pesticide, it’s likely to have a little or no effect because of such a small dosage. But again if we overdose or mix incorrectly we can make a very dangerous situation. Your Broken Arrow exterminator will have more information.  

 Many online articles claim that there are do it yourself home remedies for pest control problems. It’s important that you are very leery of these. They often require the use of some chemical that was designed for a different purpose than pest control. For instance. Borax is often encouraged to be used as a pesticide. While it is true that boric acid, which is the main ingredient in borax, is using many pest control pesticides, using this cleaner as a pesticide is not only vary ineffective but can also be very dangerous. When boric acid is used in a pesticide, it’s often in a bait. That means that the intended target must ingest this pesticide for it to do its work. 


Borax by itself is not appetizing. So often the boric acid is mixed with a food substance to create the bait.  The amount of boric acid is perfectly dosed for a small rodent or insect and is mixed at this level so that it will only hurt small animals and insects. But when you pour pure boric acid on the ground not only is it likely to not be appetizing to your target insect, but it also is highly concentrated in dosage. That means that a small child or a pet if they were to lick this Borax or ingest it somehow they could be severely injured, hurt or even death. That’s why it’s so important to use pesticides with labels that are meant to be pesticides. 

Modern pesticides have come up in a big way. They have become safer and better for the environment. One of the ways that scientists have made these chemicals safer is by deriving them from natural substances. A common family of pesticides on the market today are pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are a family of pesticides that come from pyrethrin which is a natural occurring pesticide found in chrysanthemum plants. Calling a Tulsa exterminator is the best solution.  


These insecticides don’t last in a very long time and are relatively low in toxicity. This means that if you apply this pesticide, it will likely break down in a rapid manner. This is good for the environment because we don’t want to have pesticides that survive many years. Even if they do get into the water supply they should break down before they ever get to where they could hurt someone. And being naturally found in our environment, they do little to damage the ecosystem. 

Another family of insecticides is known in neonicotinoids. These pesticides are derived from nicotine. Nicotine is a natural occurring pesticide found in tobacco plants. Neonicotinoids are somewhat more toxic than pyrethroids. In fact, neonicotinoids have been banned in the European Union. Only a handful of these pesticides are legal in the United States, and most require certification to be able to handle. But used properly, they can be very effective against many different kinds of pests. Again the key to this is that you use these pesticides by the labels that are on them. 


If you are experiencing with pests, rodents or any other undesirables, it’s time to call your Broken Arrow pest control company. Here at TermMax Pest Control we can get you the correct pesticide applied the correct way for whatever pest control situation you’re in the middle of. We service the greater Tulsa area including Owasso, Claremore, Coweta, Turley, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Jenks, Bixby and much more. Call us today and we can give you a free in home estimate. We’re here to help!

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