Many people suffer from cockroach infestations.  These insects are found around the world and on every continent except Antartica.  Being tropical pests, they need warmth, shelter, food and water.  All of these things they find by sheltering with us.  This is why we find these pests in our homes, parasitizing off of our resources.  So how do cockroaches get into the house? Cockroaches are very resourceful.  They use plumbing, small cracks and window openings to enter your home.  They can even hitch a ride off of your clothing.  

Because cockroaches need warm temperatures to survive, they will find a way into our homes, especially in colder climates.  They can use plumbing and electrical conduits to travel between homes and apartments.  These insects can crawl up drains.  If you store someone else’s belongings that have an issue with roaches, those belongings can bring the infestation with them.  


For their size, cockroaches are very fast.  These insects must be able to get away from predators in order to protect themselves.  To give you an idea how fast they are, if they were the size of a human, they could run over a hundred miles an hour!  If a horse could run as fast as they can, it would cover 450 feet per second.  That is really fast!  

You would think that speeds like this would answer the question of how cockroaches get in the house, but that’s not entirely true.  These insects spend most of their time sitting still.  It is only when they are threatened that they move this quickly.  But considering that they carry a heavy exoskeleton, this is very impressive.  


Cockroaches, like other insects, need food, water and shelter to survive.  Our warm homes are artificially kept at perfect temperatures for these insects.  That means that they can be active and reproducing year round.  They are also protected from many of their predators inside our homes.  There are few predators inside our walls, cabinets or behind appliances.  This kind of protection helps them grow to such large numbers.  Calling your Oklahoma pest control company can help as well.  

It is important to keep your home clean and picked up.  Roaches are always looking for their next meal.  They rely on dirty dishes, open boxes in the pantry, and food stuff left out for their food source.  If these things are kept to a minimum, then cockroaches have no reason to come into your home.  It’s also important to make sure that there are no water leaks in your home.  These can supply water to cockroaches.  Any of these things can make your home more enticing and answer how cockroaches get in the house.  


Cockroaches are omnivores.  They will eat either plant or animal.  They are normally scavengers cleaning up their environment of dead organic matter.  Roaches are tropical, so they prefer warm weather.  Cockroaches lay their eggs in a bag, called an ootheca, and usually deposit it in a crack or crevice.  The female German cockroach, which is the most common one found in homes, carries the ootheca on her back.  When the eggs hatch, nymphs emerge.  Nymphs are smaller versions of the adults.  

These nymphs will molt a number of times before reaching adulthood.  Molting is the process of removing the outer skin of the insect.  Cockroach nymphs do this because the nymph is growing, and their exoskeleton can only grow to a certain point.  Once it is as large as it can get, the insect must remove the skin and start with a new exoskeleton.  


There are thousands of types of cockroaches, but predominately only four are found in your home.  The German cockroach is the most common species found in your home.  This roach is brown with two light bands on its protunum, or plate behind its head.  They prefer to stay low to the ground, under kitchen sinks and behind appliances.  The brown banded cockroach has two bright yellow bands around its body.  These roaches prefer higher places to hide such as behind clocks and wall hangings.  Eliminating these insects is best done with the help of your Oklahoma exterminator.  

The American cockroach is the largest of the common household roaches.  These monsters can get up to three inches in length.  They prefer wet and moist locations such as pipes and water leaks.  Homes in wet areas are more prone to these insects.  Oriental cockroaches are are also a larger species of roach.  They are not as large as the American cockroach, but get to 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length.  They are black and prefer wet dark places.  They are often found in drainage ditches and sewers.  They are more often found outside than the other three on this list.  


These pests are very resilient and difficult to remove from your home.  But there are some things that you can do to keep them out.  First of all, keep a clean home.  Any food items or dirty dishes that they have access to will keep them fed and attract them.  It’s important to keep these things cleaned up.  Pick up clutter around the house, because these things can create hiding places for these insects.  Fix plumbing leaks and water issues.  And, of course, call your local Tulsa exterminator to eliminate these pests.  

The best Tulsa pest control company to call is TermMax Pest Control.  We are experienced in cockroach control and can help you in many ways.  The first way that we can help is by getting you a free estimate.  This will help you decide what the next course of action should be.  Contact us today!  We’re here to help!

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