What is composite decking made up of?

Composite decking is an artificial building material composed of wood fiber, plastics, and a tiny amount of bonding agents. The mixture is heated, shaped into board lengths, and then left to cool. They are much more reliable and low maintenance than traditional plastic alternatives. Your Tulsa exterminator is the best at eliminating rodent issues.

Composite decking and their advantages

Nearly every second house in the UK and US has composite decking because of their numerous advantages.

Low maintenance

They have a high-strength matt finish that demands a change or service. However, when once in a blue moon, they require some assistance, you must be vigilant in choosing the right person. But before you do this, call a Tulsa exterminator for help.

Much to our comfort, there are many online services available nowadays, so you don’t have to roam around to find someone to fix your floors or walls made from composite decks. You can simply book the services of a carpenter and he will be present at your door at your desired time. 

  1. Durable to rot and cramp

The composition of composite decking makes it resistant to rots and cramps, so you don’t have to get them fixed every season.

  1. Moisture shield keeps the pests away.

The modern-day composite decking has a moisture shield surrounding them. The extra coating is exceptionally unpleasant for termites to nibble on, so they keep away from the decking. Previously, cedar tree trunks were used to keep the termites away which was extremely expensive and a threat to the environment (due to illegal cutting of the precious specie and smuggling). Your Tulsa exterminator can solve this issue for you.

  1. Pest resistance

Composite decking is major pest resistant as its composition is not favorable for pests to eat, and they move away from the material keeping the whole house safe. It means you get the luxury of a wooden interior without the drawbacks that wooden carvings bring. But they can live there.  So call a Tulsa exterminator today.

  1.  Eco-friendly

Increased use of composite decking has reduced the pressure on the large volume of use of wood and plastics. Due to the decrease in demand, the timber supply is curbed, and so is the level of deforestation. On the other hand, we all know how harmful plastics are. Their production produces enough pollutants to decrease air quality to drastically low levels.

  1. Slip-resistant 

Despite their smooth appearance, composite decking still has a healthy level of friction to avoid slips and accidents.

Composite decking and Rodents

Although composite decking has removed the concern of any pest attack, rodents still pose a significant threat to them. Rodents are mammals of the order Rodentia, characterized by a single pair of continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws. They are almost found in almost every habitat, including the human-made environment.

Common rodents, squirrels, and hamsters are a significant threat to composite decking. Their jaws are strong enough to engulf some degree of the composite decking. The damage is enough to need some repair. Rodents not only cause damage to a building but also irritate human skin whenever someone contacts the place they had stayed or visited.

Is there a possible solution to the Rodent problem?

To stop rodents from damaging the composite decking, use a chicken wire. Wind the chicken wire at the edges of the decking to keep the rodents away. Rodents sense the smell of garlic, peppermint, and hot spices. Plant a peppermint tree at the advantage of the decking or spray cayenne around suspected entry points. An ultrasonic pest repellent is an ethical chemical to prevent rodents from invading your house and damaging the decking. But in truth, none of these wives tales will solve a true rodent problem.  Call your Tulsa exterminator today!

Care must also be taken during the time of construction. The construction must be done so that no drainage pipelines become a secret entrance to your house. Cover the open drains with anything that would not allow a rodent to pass. Contacting your Tulsa exterminator can be the best solution.


Before coming to the conclusion, it is important to value life be it of human or rodents. It is inhumane to use unethical methods to keep rodents away from your homes.Reading through the article, it is evident that only rodents pose a potential threat to composite decking; the rest have a minor to no effect. Although some methods reduce the chances of a rodent attack, the danger is still severe as many rodents have evolved to dodge these preventative measures or traps.

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