Hopping through the trees, our furry friends rush frantically about.  Squirrels can be just as enjoyable to watch as any bird.  They are complete with personalities and a sense of humor.  But don’t be fooled, they can be aggressive when they want to be.  But is there more to these cute little creatures?  This article will explore how squirrels communicate.  They use a series of sounds, body language and smells to talk not only to others of their species, but also other species.  

Squirrels are quite adept at making conversation.  They are animated and lively when getting their point across.  Scientists have been studying these small rodents for some time, discovering their ways.  Regardless of what we known about squirrels, one thing is for sure, they definitely think that they are smarter than us.  I think that it’s this audacity that we admire in them.  Or maybe that they are just so darn cute.  


So the question is, just how smart are squirrels?  One indicator is their behavior in the back yard.  Many frustrated home owners find that squirrels will out smart them when it comes to their bird feeders.  Squirrels are quick to adapt and learn about their situation.  So when a home owner sets up a new way of keeping the squirrels out of the bird feeder, the squirrels will quickly figure out a way around it.  If you are having a problem with one of these, contact an Oklahoma pest control company for help.  

Squirrels have an excellent memory.  They bury their nuts over and over to keep other would be thieves from stealing them.  Remembering where they all are is no easy task, unless you are a squirrel.  They will even fake burying a nut if they believe that they are being watched.  This means that they can interpret the actions and intentions of another.  Squirrels have also been known to cover their fur in the scent of a rattlesnake in order to confuse predators.   


Scientists have even learned some of the language of squirrel.  Auburn University Biology Professor Robert Lishak has been studying this animals and has decoded some of their patterns.  The first is a “Kuk.”  It is a kind of bark that they do multiple times.  It lets other squirrels know about danger, and lets the predator know that he has lost the element of surprise.  The “Quaa” is basically a long “Kuk” that says that a danger is getting less dangerous, such as a predator walking away.  

The “Quaa moan” is of lesser intensity still.  It sounds like a chirp followed by a meow.  This sound is an all clear.  But it is in a specific range that makes it hard to tell where it’s coming from, protecting the squirrel from a hidden danger.  Finally the “Muk-muk” is a stifled sneezing sound that the young use to communicate hunger to its mother.  It is also used when a male is chasing a female around a tree.  If you are having issues, feel free to contact a Tulsa exterminator.  


If there is any question about how animated this animal can be, a look out your back window can usually answer it.  And being such an animated animal, it’s no surprise that it uses body language to communicate often.  Their biggest communicator is their tail.  a wagging tail usually denotes that danger is near.  If they vibrate their tail, it’s usually to draw attention to themselves when the other sex is near.  When faced with a snake, the squirrel will move its tail back and forth making it look bigger than it is.  

Squirrels often use the rest of their bodies for communication as well. When a squirrel is scared, it will often first freeze in place.  They will stand erect if overly alert or more relaxed when not so alert.  They often use foot stomping to intimidate their predators.  In any of these cases, a Tulsa pest control company can help if you’re having issues.  


Squirrels use scents often when speaking to one another.  They are territorial by nature, so rubbing up against a tree or exposed root can communicate then edge of a territory.  They will often rub their cheek or scent gland up against something.  These scents can leave clues about territory, hierarchy, sexual availability and stress levels.  

They can also use the scents of other animals to their benefit.  If they find the scent of a predator such as a snake, they will apply the scent to their fur in order to scare off other predators.  Some species of squirrel will gnaw away the bark of a tree and urinate on the exposed wood.  It’s believed that this is most often used in sexual communication.  


Unfortunately, these cute rodents can sometimes find themselves where they are not wanted.  When they nest in an attic or find their way into the bird feeder one too many times.  It’s in these instances that you may need a little help from a professional such as an Oklahoma exterminator.  Feel free to contact us here at TermMax Pest Control for help.  We can come out and take care of any pest issue for you.  We are here to help!

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