If you’re having an issue with my eyes, are any other escadrille problem it’s time to call at Tulsa pest control company that can solve your problems for you. Mice are a small rodent that can cause lots of problems in your kitchen, pantry, or home. In addition they spread disease that can make your family a loved one sick. So it’s important to understand the small mammals and get a grip on how we can protect ourselves. So when is August take a good look at mice, their life cycle, and what you and your Tulsa pest control company can do to stop them from getting in your home.


Mice are very adept at finding their ways in and out of structure, such as your home buildings or business. They are uniquely equipped with a special kind of skeletal structure. That’s very flexible. They can fold it and squeeze it in the very tight places. Their internal organs will move around as necessary for them to get through holes and cracks. They need to. The only bone in her body that is not as flexible is there a skull. Because it has protect the brain, it must be somewhat firm. So essentially, if they can get their head through a cracker whole, they can get their whole body through the same crack.

Because this is true, if you find a hole or crack in your home, that’s the size of a dime or larger than a mouse can find its way in and through your home. Rats are equally as flexible. Their head is about the size of a quarter. So if you find a hole that is the size of a quarter or larger than a rat can find its way into your home. Finding these cracks and holes is something that is important to do to keep them out of your home. Speaking with your Tulsa pest control company will get you the right experience to find all these holes and fill them in effectively.


Mice find themselves at the bottom of the food chain. Because of this, they are fed upon by so many different predators. In order to protect the species, they have many different things they can do to survive. One of the main things that preserve the species itself is their ability to reproduce so quickly. a female mouse can have a litter of about 10 to 12 baby mice in about a month. That gestation period is fairly short. But in addition to this, she needs no rest. After birth to conceive. This is quite you need to mice, but gives them the ability to literally have 12 broods in a 12 month year. you do the math and that’s 120 mice. That’s a lot of mice.

Because of this, if they find their way to your home, they are reproducing immediately. In most cases, if you see a mouse inside your home or garage, then there’s likely 30 to 50 more in the walls ceilings in attic spaces. Once a mouse finds his way in it will reproduce prolifically until it has filled up the occupied space as best as possible. but keeping mice out of your home through exclusion is not the only way to protect your home. Using it only will not guarantee you a safe home from these tiny mammals. Contact your Tulsa pest control today.  


For most people, the solution is to go to the hardware store and buy some traps. For hundreds of years men of been trying to make better mice traps with some success and some failures. But the major failure with every mouse trap is the fact that each trap traps only one mouse, and then must be reloaded. With as quickly as these mice reproduce, there’s no way that you’re ever going to get ahead of their population with just a couple mouse traps from your local hardware store.

Some people wish to do something that they consider a humane solution, which is live trapping. Unfortunately, life trapping is not humane in any way, shape or form. Mice have a peculiar behavior when they are trapped. These mammals will become very aggressive if they find themselves trapped in a space. If there’s multiple mice, trapped inside of one live trap, they will turn on one another and attack one another. One of them will kill the other one and its crazed mentality. This is a horrible thing to do to any animal so live trapping is the furthest thing from humane. Contact your Tulsa pest control company for more information.


So how do you deal with mice? The answer is not that simple. Your local Tulsa pest control company has figured out that rodenticides are probably the most effective against these rodents. But over-the-counter rodenticides are not the best solution. These blocks are usually cheap, but don’t come with any form of mouse box. Most boxes of childproof box that you can put rodenticide in and mice and rats still have access to it. And protects non-target animals from primary poisoning. 

This could be a very big problem, especially if you have pets in your home. In addition, these rodenticides are an anti-coagulant type of rodenticide. This means that his motive action is to create a situation where the mice no longer can have its blood clot. Well, this is lethal, it takes a long time and many feedings. How many cases mice will feed on it past the point of a lethal dosage, and continue to feed until they have a super lethal dosage. This means that when they do die, the carcass will be filled with pesticides. If a scavenger finds this animal it will cause a secondary poisoning.

The best thing to do when you have a mice problem is to contact your Tulsa pest control company. They know how to handle this without poisoning your pets, loved ones or other animals in the area. Here at Terminix pest control with the best of the business, when it comes to dealing with mice, another pass. We service a greater Tulsa area, including a Owasso, Charlie, Bixby, Jenks, Broken Arrow Family Clinic, Claire, Coosa, Tama Catoosa, Prattville, Sipapu, sand, springs, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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