Mice are rodents that are dangerous, but can be removed from your home or business with the help of a Broken Arrow exterminator. Mice are small mammals that have piggybacked off of us, and found their way all the way around the world. Most of them are an invasive species, but we do have some indigenous ones here in Oklahoma as well. These small rodents will get into your kitchen and pantries and spread disease and feed on our food as well. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at mice, their life cycle, and what you and your Broken Arrow exterminator can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from these invading mammals.


There are many predators that feed upon mice. In fact, mice often find themselves at the bottom of the food chain, which is a sorry place to be. In order to keep their species from going extinct, they’ve developed the ability to reproduce extremely quickly. Once a female gets pregnant, she can produce up to 8 to 10 pups in about 30 days. She has the unique ability of being able to mate as soon as she has birthed her pups. She needs no time to recover from the process of birth.

This means that the average mouse can have 12 litters every year, theoretically. That’s up to 120 mice produced by one mouse. As you can see, if a mouse sets up shop in your house, they can multiply exponentially. And when the mating process is finished, the male mouse will actually sing to the female mouse. Scientists are not sure exactly why they do this, but there’s a lot of communication that happens between mice using sound. They use squeaks and squawks for all sorts of different information, such as danger, food, and in this case, love. Contact your Broken Arrow exterminator for more help eliminating mice from your home.


In order to keep mice out of your home, it’s important that you are keeping a clean home. The food in our pantries and kitchens are a great source of nourishment for these rodents. So because of this, keeping food picked up and off the floor keeps them from being fed. Not leaving grease in a pan on the oven overnight is another way to keep food from them. Often these small rodents will find bags of seeds or dog food which they love. They will chew through the side of these bags getting at the food inside. It’s important to watch where you store these items. Make sure they’re in a hard plastic container in order to protect them from mice and rodents. Contact your Broken Arrow exterminator for help.

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