Mice are a common issue that your Broken Arrow pest control company can help you to eliminate. These small rodents are a nuisance and find a way into our homes and businesses. They can feed on our food, live in our attic spaces and cause all sorts of problems in our homes. These small rodents also spread disease and filth, and will urinate and defecate all over your home. It’s important to understand as much as you can about mice and rats in order to keep them out of your home. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at mice and rats, their life cycle, and what you and your Broken Arrow pest control company can do to stop them from making their way into your home.


Rodents carry all sorts of many different diseases. One of the most famous ones that these small mammals have carried is the black plague. This disease ravish the European nations throughout the middle ages. Millions of people died from this bacterial disease because rats carried it. Fleas would bite the rats and then bite humans to carry this disease from rats to humans. The major issue with this was that sanitation laws were simply nonexistent at this time. Because of that, rats would run rampant feeding upon the sewage and trash of people that threw their refuse onto the streets. This caused a huge amount of rats in major cities. It made the perfect situation for these diseases. The black plague still exist today, but it’s treatable, by your local physician.

Mice and rats can also be rabid. This disease causes them to want to bite people and make them very aggressive. They can pass this disease to people and it could be fatal if not treated quickly and effectively. It’s important that if you have mice and rats, that you’re getting them out of your homes quickly as you can. 

As mice or rats run along their walls, they urinate and defecate as they go. Leaving this trail of rodent sewage, allows other mice and rats to be able to follow their path by smelling the path that they’ve left behind. As more mice and rats cover the same trails, the smell will get stronger and stronger, letting the most know that it’s safe to use this pathway. While that may be great for mice and rats, it can make a situation where your home stinks. Plus the unsanitary nature of this is more than most people can bear.


Mice find themselves at the bottom of our food chain. There are so many different animals that will feed upon these small mammals. They make a great snack for owls, hawks, wolves, dogs, cats, and so many other animals. Because of this, they have to reproduce very quickly. Mice do this by constantly being ready and available to mate. 

The gestation period of a female mouse has about 30 days. In that time the female will produce a litter of 8 to 12 young. As soon as she gives birth to those young, she’ll need no time to recover from giving birth. She will be able to mate again immediately and become pregnant right away. This means that in a full calendar year, the average female will be able to have 12 litters. If you do the math that adds up to almost 150 mice coming from one mouse. That’s a lot of mice.

In addition to being able to reproduce very quickly, they are also very quick. They can hear well and identify predators that are in the area. They use their sense of feeling with their whiskers as they run around the outside wall of a room. They can feel the wall as they run help them to navigate it. Their ability to see is not very good and that’s why they use their ability to feel. They also have a great sense of smell. This gives them the ability to locate food quickly and effectively. Using their ability to the chew through plastic bags or anything else they need to get through to get to that food. Often people hear mice scratching in their walls. This is where mice are actually chewing through the drywall trying to get into the main part of your home.


While there are many over-the-counter solutions for rats and mice, the best solution is to contact a Broken Arrow pest control company. The traps that you buy from your local hardware store are simply ineffective against the reproductive ability of the average mouse. Killing one or two mice is just never going to get ahead of that. In addition, the rodenticides that can be purchased over-the-counter are slow acting and require multiple feedings to completely eliminate a mouse. This means that mice will often reproduce more effectively than these control measures can provide. Your Broken Arrow pest control company will have much more potent rodenticides available to them to be able to use against these rodents.

Sanitation is also a very important part of keeping mice and rats out of your home. If they can find the food and water that they need in your home, then they have everything that they could possibly need to survive. This will give them the ability to set up camp in your house, have babies and fill your home with mice and rats. This is not what you want.

If you’re having an issue with rodents, or any other pests, then its time to contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for help. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with mice, rats, and any other rodents. We service a greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Claremore, Coweta, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Owasso, Turley, and so much more. Call today for free estimate. We’re here to help!

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