Your Broken Arrow pest control company can assist you with mice and other rodents. Mice are small rodents that infiltrate our homes, feeding on our food and water. They establish nests in various areas of our houses, leaving trails of urine wherever they roam, creating unsanitary conditions for you and your loved ones. Therefore, it is crucial to keep rodents out of your home and away from your family. In this article, let’s take a comprehensive look at mice, including their life cycle, and habits. Your Broken Arrow pest control company can do to prevent these small mammals from entering your home and causing damage. Implementing effective pest control measures is essential for maintaining a clean and safe living environment for you and your family.

Mice Senses and Broken Arrow Pest Control

Mice find themselves at the bottom of the food chain, making them vulnerable to numerous predators. Due to this constant threat, they have developed highly acute senses to detect danger in their environment. Mice are skilled foragers, constantly on the lookout for food sources such as seeds, grains, fruits, and insects. Their sense of smell is particularly remarkable. They can detect food even within sealed plastic bags, allowing them to locate and access potential food sources in your home with precision.

Additionally, their hearing is exceptionally keen, essential for detecting potential threats from airborne predators. Besides their heightened sense of smell and hearing, mice also possess a keen sense of touch. Due to their poor vision, they rely on their whiskers to navigate their surroundings, feeling along walls to guide their movements. Moreover, as they move, they leave a trail of urine, creating a path for themselves and other mice to follow based on scent. Understanding these sensory adaptations is essential for implementing effective pest control measures by your Broken Arrow pest control to manage mouse infestations and protect your home.

Mouse Reproduction

Because mice are so prolific, they must reproduce rapidly to maintain their population levels and ensure their survival. A female mouse can become pregnant immediately after giving birth to her litter of pups. With a gestation period of about one month, she can produce a new litter every month. This allows one mouse to potentially generate hundreds of offspring in a short period. This rapid reproductive rate underscores the importance of proactive pest control measures to prevent mice from infesting your home. Contacting your Broken Arrow pest control company is essential to keep these rodents out of your living space and prevent potential infestations. Check out our reviews!

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