Rodents that can make pests of themselves in our region are mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels.  We can devise plans to control any of these pests. However, the most commonly encountered is the mouse. Very prolific breeders, able to find entry points into your home as small as a dime. Innovative Pest Management technicians have the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to find these small openings and keep the mice out of your house.  We have proven methods and practices that have been successful time and time again.  

A Rat on a Cot
Family and Their Pet

Mice, rats and other rodents have been known to cause fires in homes by chewing wires. They are able to enter your home through a crack the size of a dime. They are able to jump and swim long distances and can climb any type of surface. Rodents are also known to carry fleas and ticks. To keep rodents from making your home theirs, keep all food, pet food, trash, bird seed, etc. cleaned up. Keep vegetation low and remove any debris from your property such as limbs, wood piles, old cars, etc. as these are harborage sites for rodents.  Removing food sources is also key in getting rid of these pests.  Keep all foods in sealable containers that rodents can’t chew through.  Call Us for a free estimate on service!



First we need to identify where rodents are entering and where they are harboring. This gives us a starting point for our pest control


Using modern and humane methods, our technicians can mice and rats from your home permanently. State of the art techniques and practices lead the way


Eliminating entry points removes the ability of rodents to get back in to your home. This is key to keeping these pests gone for good


We have monthly, bi monthly, and quarterly plans to keep rodents out of your home. Call Us for a free estimate on service!
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