TermMax is the top choice for termite inspection and extermination service in the Tulsa area.

TermMax is skilled and experienced in dealing with termites, home inspections,  and preventative measures. Our skilled technicians are continually trained on all of the latest and most effective methods in termite inspections, treatment and removal. We specialize in locating termites within your home and exterminating them. We will make sure your home is free from the presence of all wood boring insects.

Family and Their Pet

Termite Inspection Checklist

Here at TermMax, we are experts in termite inspections. Termites are small insects that survive underground, which makes it extremely easy for them to hide and invade your home. Termites are excellent finding wood in your home, and causing irrefutable damage. They wait patiently throughout the day in these specific hiding areas, and come out at night while you are sleeping peacefully in your bed.  Our technicians are familiar with all of the hiding places that termites use and will locate and eliminate the termite colonies attacking your home.



Knowing the signs of termite infestations are key to removing them


Proper techniques and tools are necessary to eliminate an infestation


Chemical treatments, and termite bait stations work hand in hand to protect against further infestations


Our treatments are very successful at removing termites, and keeping them from coming back

Termite Removal

Most home owners do not realize they have a termite problem until it is much too late. A termite infestation can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. Special tools and methods are required to successfully remove termites from your home and prevent them from returning. Our technicians are familiar with the signs that termites leave. If you suspect that you are experiencing a problem with termites, contact us immediately to have the termites in your home destroyed.

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