Your Tulsa exterminator can help if you’ve got an issue with termites. Termites are a wood destroying insect that can feed upon the wood that we create our homes and businesses out of. These small insects march their armies against buildings all over Oklahoma. Colonies numbering in the millions are set to feed upon every piece of wood that they can find, including the studs in your home. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at termites, their life cycle, and what you and your Tulsa exterior can do to protect yourself against these wood destroying insects.


Termites are unique in the insect world, in that they can break down wood and create energy out of it. They employ the help of a special enzyme in their digestive system that breaks down the cellulose found in wood and creates energy from it. In the cells of wood are two substances. There’s lignin and cellulose. Cellulose makes up the majority of the mass of the cell. 

In order for termites to maintain this enzyme in their digestive system, they must pass it from adult to adolescent. They do this by feeding adolescent termites using their anus. The termites will eat from the anus of the adult in order to pass on these enzymes. As an adolescent termite grows, it must shed its exoskeleton. Each time that it does this, it will lose a piece of hindgut, removing a large majority of the enzymes that are available to the termite. Because of this, every time it molts, it must again eat from the anus of another termite, in order to replenish the supply of this enzyme. Contact your Tulsa exterminator for help with these insects.


The best way to eliminate termites is to call your Tulsa exterminator for help. You will have two options when it comes to dealing with these insects. The first one is do use liquid treatment. This requires a trench being dug all the way around your house in a special pesticide being poured down inside the trench. This pesticide will drain down through the dirt and create a barrier of pesticide treated dirt that these insects will have to go through to get to your home. Then the trench will be filled with a further amount of pesticide treated dirt in order to finish the barrier and protect your home. 

Termite bait stations are the second way that you can protect your home. These bait stations have a special bait in them it’s placed around the perimeter of the home in a special way. This gives you protection by providing a bait that these insects can take back to their colony and feed to their young. This will wipe out the colony. Check out our reviews!

If you’re having issues with termites, or any other wood destroying insects, then it is time to call a Tulsa exterminator that can help you. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with termites or any other insects. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Owasso, Turley, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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