If you’re having issues with termite or any other pest control problems and it’s time to call your Tulsa exterminator for help. Termites are wood, destroying insect that attacks our homes and businesses. If he’s up on the wood and Dry Wall and I are buildings that are susceptible to these insects. They can do massive massive damage and short periods of time, so it’s important that you get help quickly if you find you have an issue with them. And this article is a good hard look at the termite, the lifecycle, and what you and your Tulsa exterminator can do to get rid of these insects.


There are essentially three types of termites. There are Drywood termites, Wetwood, termites, and subterranean termites. Drywood termites are a special kind of termite dead, is hard enough not to require constant, humid, air or moisture. These termites can be above ground and borough deep into wood planks, feeding by the wood. While they are found in Oklahoma, they’re not very common in the north eastern part. Are usually come in on a shipment of wood. That’s been infested with these insects. if you’ve ever seen on the west coast with a tent and fumigate an entire building, this is to get rid of Drywood termites.

Wet wood termites are the next type of termite that we see in Oklahoma. These are also quite rare in this part of the country, but can still find their way into a pest control situation. These termites usually find wood that’s half submerged in water and draws the moisture necessary from the wood. It’s not that often that you see these kinds of termites attacking a home business or other building.


The sub, eastern subterranean termite is the most often encounter termite in Oklahoma, and probably this part of the world. This insect stays underground in order to maintain its moisture levels. In order to come above ground, it will create mud tubes. They got the side of buildings and trees, so they can carry the human head air up above the surface of the ground. These insects dry out quite quickly in open air situations. Because these are the most prevalent termites that we see in this part of the state, will focus on these as our subjective discussion.

When termites get in your home, they could fit on the studs in your walls or the drywall that you have. The paper on the outs of the drywall is full of cellulose, which is what they need. Well it takes time for subterranean termites to do significant damage, they can attack a building until it loses its ability to stand. this is why these termites are so dangerous. It’s so important to keep out of your home. Call your Thomas exterminator if you think you’re having issues with subterranean termites.


Winter my colonies, decide that they want to reproduce and create a new colony, Swarmers will be the method that they use. These are special termites that are winged and much harder than the average termite. This term I can last on the open air for long periods of time. Once a year, usually in late spring, the workers will build special tubes that open out in the open air. This warming tubes will be used for the swarmers to eject themselves out of the county into the wide-open, free spaces. as all the Swarmers from all the colonies in the nearby area, gather together in one large swarm, they will begin to search for maintenance.

The swarm containing all the swarmers will have two insects pairs. The males and females will pair together and then fly to a separate location that they deem good for creating a new colony. They will dig out what’s noise the royal chamber. This is the first room within the new colony. In this world chamber they will meet in the female will become queen and start laying eggs. The newly appointed king will begin to tend to the eggs and forage for food. The eggs will Hatch, the first brood of young will come forth. Once they mature to full adulthood, they will become workers that were placed a King. The king will die off, having serve his purpose. Termites me one time, and then produce entire colonies of millions of individuals off of that one Union. Call your tots. Exterminator for help if you’re having a problem with termites.


There are two allowed treatments that are used in Oklahoma for dealing with subterranean termites. There are liquid termites, and there are bait station treatments. These in 6/4 through the top 6 inches of the ground to find the food. So in order to protect your home from them, both of these treatments, build a barrier around your home. The liquid treatment attempts to use pesticide to create a layer of chemically treated dirt surrounding your home to protect your, home from these invaders. Bait stations are placed all the way around the building and our sources of food for these insects. They’ll bring that food back to the colony and feed it to their young. What’s unbeknownst to them? The bait is tainted with a special pesticide that attacks their young. Colony will die out a matter of months.

If you’re having an issue with termites or any other pest control problems time to call, Tulsa exterminator that you can trust. Here at TermMax pest control were the best in the business when it comes to dealing with termites or any other insects. We service go to Tulsa area, including Bixby, Jenks, Sand Springs, Prattville, Sapulpa, Owasso, Turley, Claremore, Catoosa, Coweta, Broken Arrow, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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