Termites can be eliminated by your Broken Arrow exterminator. Termites are wood destroying insects that feed upon our homes and businesses. They do millions of dollars of damage every year all across America. Protecting your home, your business or other structures is integral to making sure that you protect your investment. Homes are the largest investment that you make in your lifetime besides taxes. It’s important that you protect that investment. In this article, let us take a good hard look at termites, their lifecycle and what you and your Broken Arrow exterminators can do to stop them from destroying your home.


If you have a problem with termites, then you’re going to need to call someone who can help you to take care of that issue. There are two methods by which we eliminate termite infestation‘s in homes today. We either use a liquid treatment or a termite bait station system. Both of these systems use the behavior of the termite against it. These colonizing insects will forage for food in the top 6 inches of the soil. These insects require a very humid environment. If they come above ground in the open air, then they will dry out and die. So because of this, they stay underground or use mud tubes to come up above ground.

In the case of a liquid treatment, we attempt to create a barrier layer of pesticide treated dirt all the way around your home. A 6 inch deep and 6 inch wide trench will be dug, and pesticide will be poured down into it. This pesticide will drain down through the dirt for about 4 feet underneath the trench. Now you have a curtain of treated dirt that will stop them from getting to you. Then the technician will fill the trench back in with pesticide treated dirt. Now you should have a protective layer around your house. Wherever there is cement coming up to your house, the technician will drill holes in the cement and inject pesticide underneath the slab. This will do the same thing and create a protective layer all the way around your home.


The termite bait stations work much the same way. A bait station is a plastic station with specialized bait inside it that’s buried in the ground. The top cap will be visible but the rest of it goes about 12 to 18 inches into the ground. The stations we place the at regular intervals all the way around your home. As the termite foragers come towards your house, they will hit these bait stations first. 

Termites have a special enzyme inside of their stomach lining that can break down the cellulose found inside wood. These baits are actually solid cellulose. Because of this they’re like candy to these insects. The worker termites will gather up the bait and bring it back to the colony. They will feed their young and the other termites this bait. This will wipe out the colony. Both of these treatments take time to completely destroy a colony. We usually see them taken care of within three months of treatment. If you get your home treated and see activity after those three months, you need to contact your Broken Arrow exterminator to see what’s necessary to do from there.


Termites use an incomplete metamorphosis to develop. This means that the queen termite will lay eggs. When those eggs hatch a nymph will emerge. In most cases, this nymph will go to work as a worker. This does not mean that this nymph will stay a worker. Based on the food that it is given, it will become either a reproductive, a soldier, or a worker. As it continues to do its tasks, it will consume food. This food will eventually cause it to outgrow its exoskeleton. In order to move to the next level of development, it will need to molt. This is the process of shedding its exoskeleton for a newer one underneath.

After its has molted a number of times, the termite will become a full grown adult. At this point, it will have taken up its work, belonging to whatever caste that it belongs to. The adult termite will continue to work until it dies. The workers are the most numerous of these insects. They do all the menial work of the colony. In addition to workers, we have soldiers that are tasked with protecting the colony. These termites are equipped with large heads and strong mandibles that they can fight with. Lastly we have the reproductives. These termites include the queen, who will lay all the eggs for the colony, and then other reproductive’s that are used to create new colonies. Contact your Broken Arrow exterminators for more information.


Because termites need to use mud tubes to come above ground to forage and gather food, this can be a sign.  Often you’ll see the mud tubes coming up from the ground. This can go over the top of your cement foundation in order to get to the wood above. But sometimes they come up inside a wall, or some other hidden place. They will go up the drywall and consume the paper and gypsum in the drywall. Eventually, they will get through to the paper on the outside of the wall where you can see it. In these cases, the drywall will be weak and sometimes broken through.

If you have an issue with termites or any other pests, then its time to contact your Broken Arrow exterminator. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with termites or any other issues. We service a greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, Turley, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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