If you’re having an issue with termites or any other pest control problems in time to call your Tulsa exterminator for help. Termites are wood, destroying insect that attacks our homes and businesses. Any structure susceptible to these insects invading and damaging the structural integrity of that building. Because of this it’s so important understand these insects and what you need to do to protect your home from them. in this article, let’s take a good hard look at termites, their life cycle, and what you and your Telus exterminator can do to stop them from damaging your home.


So how would you know if you house been attacked by termites? There are signs that will let you know what’s going on. Understand that you need to understand a few things about termites. First of all in Oklahoma the number one termite pest that we have is eastern subterranean termite. This termite stays underground. It is very susceptible to drying out in the open air. Because of this, it must stay underground in the Humid air that’s contained there. In order to travel above the surface and forage for food, it must build mud tubes to travel up the side of walls, trees, and other buildings. So if you see mud tubes coming up from the ground. This is a definite sign that you have a termite my problem.

Another sign that you have termites could be the presence of wing termites. As colonies grow, they eventually mature to the point where they seek to reproduce themselves as a colony. Nor to create a new colony, the current one will produce winged termites. These termites and Nona Swarmers. They much harder than the average termite, and can actually last for quite a while in the open air. They are released from the colony in the late spring. in April, and May, the workers will build special tubes that open to the open air. The swimmers will leave the colony through these tubes and search for a swarm of reproductive termites of the same species. After the summer months, you can see them out over the Grasses. Contact your Telus exterminator for more formation.


As these swarmers fly around the swarm, they are sadly susceptible to predator attack. Many birds will feed up on the swarmers. They’re kind of easy pickings. But a few of these swimmers will make it through and survive long enough to create a new county. Two of the flying termites will pair up male and female, and find a place to create a new colony. When they land, they will lose their wings, dig down inside the ground and create a royal chamber. This royal chamber will be the first part of the colony. The male and female will meet here, and then the female will begin her duties as the new queen. She will lay eggs as the king works as a worker tending to these eggs. What’s the first workers hatch from the new execute will be obsolete and will be dying. A new colony is born.

If you’re seeing the swarming termites in your home, then you’re having a problem with termites. Sometimes you’ll see flying termites dead in your window area. What is happened is the swarming tunnels have come up inside your house and the swarmers got caught inside. They go to the window which is closest to the sun, but never make it quite outside. It’s here they expire and now you know that you have a termite problem at your home. It’s time to contact your Tulsa exterminator to get rid of the colony.


Well termites do you Swarmers in order to reproduce the county, they are not the only ones. Ants also will use Swarmers to do the same thing. So in order to be able to determine if you have an ant problem or a termite problem you will need to know the difference between these two flying insects. If you’re unsure, you can always call your broken arrow store. Made it for a free inspection. It’s always have three distinct body segments. The segments are separated by a small waist. Their wings are also about as long as their body. Termites on the other hand, have a body that is the same width across its entire length. In addition, the wings are much longer than their body. Because of this, you can determine if this is a termite or an ant swarmer. Simply use a magnifying glass to see. If you’re not sure, contact your Tulsa exterminator for a free estimate.


There are two methods that we used to get rid of termites. Liquid treatments are an attempt at creating a barrier all the way around the house. Termites force through the top 6 inches of soil to find food. By digging a trench around the house, and filling it with pesticide, you can create a barrier that extends far below the surface. The trench for them be filled back in with pests I treated dirt. An alternate method of defending your home from termites is to use termite bait stations. The stations are placed a regular intervals around your house. With the termites come toward your house for food, they’ll find these bait stations take me back to the county. When I do this, he will wipe out the colony.

If you’re having an issue with termites or any other pests, then it’s time to call your Tulsa exterminator. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with termites or any other insects. We service a greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Owasso, Turley Sand Springs, Prattville, Sapulpa, Jenks and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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