What do bed bugs look like according to your Tulsa Pest Control company?

What do bed bugs look like according to your Tulsa Pest Control company?

What do bed bugs look like according to your Tulsa Pest Control company?

Most Tulsa pest control companies are finding that the bed bug population in the US is growing to epidemic proportions.  With as many infestations that we have just here in Oklahoma, many people want to be able to identify if they have a problem with these pests.  So what do bed bugs look like?  They are small, oval shaped, usually dark red in color and about the size of an apple seed.  They are tear drop shaped, flat bodied, and may be larger and darker if they have just fed, or smaller and lighter colored if not.  Call your Tulsa pest control company today.

In order to determine if you have any unwanted guests in your home, and especially your bed, then there are two tell tale signs of a bed bug infestation.  The first you will find on your mattress.  If you take off all the sheets and find small red and black spots on your mattress, then you have a problem.  These little pests feed on our blood.  So if you see these spots, they signify where a bed bug has eaten (the red spots), and where they have defected (the black spots).

Tulsa Oklahoma Bed Bug Bites

Knowing what do bed bugs look like, may be unhelpful in some situations.  If you don’t see them, the second sign you will find on your body.  If you are seeing small red, irritated bites on your skin, than you likely have a bed bug problem and should call your Tulsa pest control company.  These bites are where they have taken a blood meal.  They do this to have enough energy to move to the next stage of their life cycle.  This is often laying eggs.  So if you have a bite, it could mean that the colony underneath you is getting larger!

Getting rid of bed bugs can be somewhat difficult.  These bugs are expert hiders.  They burrow into mattresses, pillows, and cushions and wait until night to emerge and bite.  They have also developed an immunity to most common pesticides, especially the over the counter ones.  If you suspect that you have an infestation, it is best to call an exterminator.  Self medicating will only make things worse.

If you live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, give the best Tulsa pest control company a call.  Contact Us here at TermMax Pest Control.  We’ll give you a free estimate and get you back to normal in no time!

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