Under every rock, behind every tree, and crawling across the pavement in front of your home, you will find ants for your Broken Arrow exterminator.  These little guys find their way from the harshest terrains to the inside of our homes.  So where do ants live?  In colonies, but where those colonies are depends upon the type of ant.  They may burrow in wood, live under a sink, or in the cracks of pavement in the yard.  Lets explore the different habitats of ants and how your Broken Arrow exterminator can handle them.

The odorous house ant loves to find it’s way into our homes.  This ant gets it’s name from the coconut smell they secrete when crushed.  These little pests love to colonize around high moisture areas, which makes pipes, bath traps, sink drains and wood damaged by termites.  They love to eat sweet honeydew, but will also eat proteins and fats.  Because they can eat dead insects and a variety of other foods, the odorous house ant is often found in other ants colonies, bee hives and, of course, homes.

One could guess from the name of this ant, the pavement ant, that the colony locations are pretty self evident.  They love to find cracks in the pavement and build colonies there.  But they also love to find cracks in masonry, under stones and next to buildings.  These ants also eat just about anything, but prefer meats and grease. This helps tell your Broken Arrow exterminator where they are.

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Pyramid ants usually don’t colonize indoors.  These ants prefer dry, open sunny areas that usually cause large, unsightly barren areas in the lawn.  These ants also enjoy honeydew, but will attack other insects for food.

The thief ant loves to nest near, or sometimes inside the colonies of other ants.  They get their name because they will readily mimic the other ant workers and steal their food and even their larva to eat.  These ants are very carnivorous and love meats and fats. Contact your Broken Arrow exterminator for more information.

Lastly, fire ants are the most feared of the ants found in Oklahoma.  There are two types, the imported fire ant, and the southern fire ant.  Both types will create large mounds in open fields, but the southern fire ant can sometimes colonize in wood or cracks in masonry.  These ants have a very painful bite, so it is not recommended to knock over their mounds, unless you are a professional exterminator.

If you are having an issue with a colony of any of these ants, or want to know more about where do ants live, feel free to call TermMax Pest Control, the best Broken Arrow exterminator.  Contact Us and we will give you a free estimate!

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