A Dead Cockroach

How Roach Bait Works

Cockroaches are small insects that love to hide in the dark corners of your kitchen.  These pests are unsanitary, unhealthy and unpleasant.  Their presence is statistically connected to many diseases. …

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Where Bed Bugs Come From?

If you’ve ever had to fight off a bed bug infestation, you know how resilient these blood thirsty little pests can be.  A Phoenix man was charged with arson after a run in with these pests in his home, because he drenched his sheets in cologne and lit the bed of fire in an attempt…

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Ant Queen and Workers

How ants work together

Ants are everywhere.  These insects are in your home, under a rock, boring through a tree.  They are truly remarkable insects.  Each colony can have thousands of individual insects.  But…

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