Bed bugs are a vicious pest that your Broken Arrow exterminator are experts at dealing with. Bed bugs attack us in the middle of the night when we are most helpless. When you’re asleep, you can’t defend yourself against a preying insect. These blood feeders will sneak into your bed and bite you consuming the blood from your veins. While they don’t necessarily spread any specific diseases through their bite, they can cause a psychological weight on you that can destroy your quality of life. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at bed bugs, their lifecycle of what you and your Broken Arrow exterminator can do to protect yourself and your home from bed bugs.


These insects are blood feeders. Bed bugs require human blood in order to move through their lifecycle. They can consume the blood of other animals in order to sustain themselves, but there’s not enough energy in those blood types to keep theses insects moving through their life cycles. The bed bug can actually go up to a full year without a blood meal if it needs to. But if it does get a hold of a dog, cat or other mammal, it can consume the blood and extend that time that they can survive. 

Bed bugs use straw like mouth parts that can be injected in the skin and draw blood from it. They draw that blood from the point that it enters the skin all the way to the point at which it removes it. Because of this, there’s no opportunity for any sort of backwash or other contamination. Because of this, bed bugs don’t spread any diseases that we know of. While there are some diseases that they have found in a laboratory that they’ve been able to replicate, at this current time no diseases have been found to have actually been spread by bed bugs in the wild.


Every time a bed bug comes up to the point of which it must develop, it has to take a blood meal in order to have the energy to move through the next stage of its lifecycle. These insects often must molt. This is the process by which it will shed its exoskeleton, much like a snake sheds its skin. In order to have the energy to do this, the bed bug must feed just before it does this. Also, when a female is pregnant, she will need to feed before she can lay her eggs. This will give her the energy she needs to lay the eggs. Contact your Broken Arrow exterminator for help with bed bugs.


Bed bugs use a complete metamorphosis in order to go through their life cycle. This means that they start as an egg laid by a female. These eggs are a small whitish yellow egg shaped much like a very small grain of rice. Often you can find them in the mattress seams where you’ll also find the adults and many of the exoskeletons from these insects. It will hatch and a nymph will emerge. This is the first stage of the lifecycle. The nymph looks much like an adult bed bug but much smaller. The first thing it will do is attempt to feed. It will come out with a transparent look to it, but will immediately get its yellowish orange hue once it takes its first blood meal.

After it has grown for a while and fed for a while, it will need to molt. As stated before, it will have to get a blood meal before it does this. The bed bug will molt five times before it becomes a full grown adult. Each time it molts, it will enter a new instar or stage of its development. Because of this, these insects will go through five instars. 

Once it get to full grown adult hood, then it’s time to pair up and mate. They use a process known as traumatic insemination in order to mate. The females do not have a sexual opening in their exoskeleton so the males must break open a section of the exoskeleton in order to put their reproductive material inside. Once this is done, the female will have to take a blood meal and then search for a place to lay her eggs starting the process all over again.


Of course, many people will sense the bites of the bed bug. Each person responds a little differently to a bed bug bite. Some people will get a small bump that itches much like a mosquito bite. Other people break out in a large rash. Some people don’t have any response whatsoever. In many places, these people don’t even realize they’re being bitten. Often we have husbands and wives where one says they’re being bitten. The other says that they’re not being bitten. The truth is that they’re both being bitten but one of them is not responding to it. 

Also, when the insect bites, they often will leave a small red dot in the sheets or mattress were a little bit of the blood has leaked. They also defecate leaving a black spot. These red and black spots are a telltale sign that you have bed bugs in your home. If you find that you’ve got bed bugs, it’s time to call your Broken Arrow exterminator for help. They have the perfect solution for your bed bug problems. Over the counter solutions are outdated and almost always ineffective. So contact your Broken Arrow exterminator for help with bed bugs.

If you have an issue with bed bugs or any other insects, then its time to call a Broken Arrow exterminator that can help. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with bed bugs or any other insects. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Owasso, Turley, Bixby, Jenks and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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