Cockroaches are a common pantry pest that you can get help from your Broken Arrow pest control company to get rid of. These insects are tropical insects and love the same temperatures that we do. At 60 to 70°F is prime time for these small pests. In addition, they love the foods that we have in our pantries and kitchens. They’ll make a meal out of just about anything that they can get into there. But because these insects are carriers of disease and bring so many problems with them, it’s important that you protect yourself and loved ones from cockroaches. So in this article, let us take a good hard look at cockroaches, their lifecycle, and what you and your Broken Arrow pest control can do to protect your home from cockroaches.


Cockroaches use an incomplete metamorphosis to develop into adults. This means that the female will lay her eggs in a crack or crevice. She’ll find a place that’s hopefully protected from any predators or other hazards. After that, she will let them fend for themselves. The eggs will hatch and a nymph will emerge. A nymph is a smaller version of the adult cockroach. This nymph will immediately search out food and start to graze anything it can find. As it grows, it will eventually outgrow its exoskeleton, and must get rid of it. The process of molting is much like a snake shedding its skin. It will shed its exoskeleton in an effort to find a new one hidden underneath.

Once the nymph has molted for its final time, it will be a full grown adult. At this point, the cockroach will seek to reproduce. In order to do that, cockroaches must find a mate. They will pair up male and female, and then mate with one another. While cockroaches are not monogamous, they will bear their offspring sexually. After this, the female will find a place to lay her eggs and the process will start all over again. The one exception to the rule is the German cockroach. The German cockroach female will lay eggs in a special egg sack, known as an ootheca. This ootheca will be carried on her back until those nymphs are born. Then they will seek out their own life and grow. Contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for help with cockroaches.


Cockroaches find themselves at the bottom of the food pyramid. There are so many different insects and animals that will make a meal out of a cockroach. In order to protect the species, these insects can multiply very quickly. This makes them difficult to take care of in your home. One or two cockroaches can start a massive infestation with enough time. And if you kill off 95% of the cockroaches, you may leave enough for the infestation to re-surge. Because of this, it is very important that you contact a Broken Arrow pest control company to get rid of these insects.For their size, cockroaches, actually move pretty quickly. They do drag their bellies across surfaces. But this process of dragging their bellies gives exterminators more contact with the surfaces that will be treated with pesticides. 

This makes it easier to get rid of these insects. While many people will go to the hardware store and pick up a can of pesticide spray, this can be a losing proposition. Spraying one cockroach will kill it, excessive spray will trap these insects inside of a wall or gap behind an appliance. It can take up to 30 days for the pesticide to break down and those cockroaches to be able to come back out. If this happens, the cockroaches will continue to reproduce and grow in number for those 30 days. When it’s all said and done, the problem will be larger than when they started. This is why it’s important to contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for help with cockroaches.


Dealing with these insects is really the job of a professional. In order to take care of them, the best method is to start with a non-residual pesticide that is non-repellent. This insecticide will sit on surfaces that these insects will be on often. As these insects walk across those services, they won’t even know that they’re touching a pesticide. It won’t kill them instantly. But it will give them time to get back to the harborage point, and spread the pesticide around to other cockroaches in their harborage. Because of this, the pesticide will eventually take care of all of these insects.

In addition to a non-repellent pesticide, baits can be very effective. These are a food source, placed there by your Broken Arrow pest control company, that is laced with a potent pesticide. Cockroaches will take this food back to their young and feed it to others back in its harborage point. They too, will partake in killing all of these bugs in the process. Placing baits is somewhat of an art. Put them in the right place is mandatory. That’s why using cockroach bait stations from your local hardware store can be hit and miss. in addition, you can also use a dust. This gets inside of light sockets and outlets that these insects will use the gain entry to your kitchen area. It’s important that you contact your Broken Arrow pest control company for help with getting rid of cockroaches.


If you’re having an issue with cockroaches or any other insect, it’s time to call a Broken Arrow pest control company that you can trust. Here at TermMax pest control, we are the best in the business when it comes to dealing with cockroaches, or any other insects. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Prattville, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, Turley, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We are here to help!

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