Flea issues could be handled by your Broken Arrow Exterminator. Fleas are parasitic insects that target our dogs and cats, and they can even feed on mammals including humans. They require blood to survive and progress in their life cycle. This poses a problem because they can not only infest pets but also find their way into our homes and infest materials like carpets. It is crucial to understand fleas and their behavior. In this article, let’s delve into fleas, their life cycle, and explore what you and your Broken Arrow Exterminator can do to protect yourselves from these jumping insects.

Jumping Fleas and Broken Arrow Exterminator

Fleas are known for their jumping ability. These tiny insects must find their way to a host animal to feed on their blood. Because of this, they emerge from their cocoons on the ground ready to leap. They have a very strong muscle that runs laterally down the center of their body. They tightly squeeze this muscle, resembling a coiled spring ready to explode. Then, at the right moment, they release the energy from that muscle into their rear legs. The rear legs are geared together, so when the force required to jump is exerted upon them, they move in perfect unison. This gives them the ability to jump many times their own height into the air. Fleas can jump up to 50 times their own height.

Flea Life Cycle

Understanding the complete flea life cycle is crucial for effective pest control undertaken by Broken Arrow Exterminator. Breaking the cycle involves not only treating adult fleas but also addressing their eggs, larvae, and pupae.

Fleas lay eggs at the base of a hair follicle on their host animal. As the animal scratches, these eggs will fall off onto the ground, usually closer to bedding areas. Once they hatch, a larva will emerge. This worm-like creature feeds on dust and the droppings of adult fleas that fall off the animal. Eventually, it grows to the point where it needs to cocoon itself. The pupal form of this insect uses the hair and dirt around it to create a cocoon that surrounds it. It stays in this cocoon, developing into a fully grown adult flea. Then, it waits for the heat and vibration of a nearby animal to emerge from this cocoon as an adult. At this point, it’s ready to jump onto its host and continue the process. Contact your Broken Arrow Exterminator for help with fleas. Check out our reviews!

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