A peaceful nights rest is such a valuable thing. As we sleep, it’s one of the most vulnerable times that we experience during our entire day. Because of this, it’s the worst possible place to have to deal with any sort of pest control issues. But unfortunately, the bedbug has monopolized this time in our day. As we sleep, these insects attempt to get in our bed and feed off of us. But you don’t have to lose the peace of a full nights rest over these bedbugs. Let’s take a look at these insects, understand their lifecycle and figure out a way of taking care of them and getting them out of your home.


Bedbugs develop using an incomplete metamorphosis. This kind of growth starts with an egg. These eggs look much like a small grain of rice. They are whiteish yellow in color and they usually are found in the seams of mattresses and couches. Once they hatch, a nymph will emerge. A nymph is the smaller version of a bedbug. It looks just like the adult but much tinier. As it grows, the insect will outgrow its exoskeleton.  Each time it outgrows its exoskeleton, it will need to molt. The process of molting is the removal of an old exoskeleton, replacing it with a brand new one. Much like a snake sheds its skin, these insects will do the same. Your Tulsa exterminator will have more information.  

After the last molt, the bedbug will be a fully developed reproductive adult. At this point they will pair up, male and female and mate. Bedbugs mate using a process known as traumatic insemination. The male will literally break the exoskeleton of the female in order to insert its reproductive material. Once it has done this, that reproductive material will find its way to the proper place and the female will be prepared to lay eggs. Under heavy populations, these females will be overrun by the males. Mating too many times can be dangerous for a female. So in many cases, you will see these females start to flee up the walls in an effort to get away from the males. This can be a sign of excessive populations in a home.


Once the female has mated, she will lay eggs and the process will start all over again. In order to continue the process, each stage needs a massive amount of energy for the insect to overcome the adversity required in moving through that stage. In order to do this, bedbugs will feed on their host. Bedbugs almost exclusively will feed on human beings for food. They are blood feeders and use their sucking mouth parts to bury their syringe like mouthparts into the skin. The saliva will numb the area, and they will draw blood from us as we sleep. Unlike mosquitoes, these insects use a method of pulling blood from your skin that does not regurgitate any blood back into the bloodstream. Because of this, bedbugs do not transmit any known diseases.  Contact your Broken Arrow exterminator for more information.  

Once the bedbug has fed, it will have the energy needed to either molt to move to the next level of development, or the female will have the energy now to lay eggs. If you suspect that you have bedbugs in your house, it’s important to take the sheets off your bed and take a look at your mattress. These bugs like to hide in the creases and crevices that you find between the seams of the mattress. In most cases, we find that there are often found closer to the head of the bed. They also can hide in the boxspring and the frame of the bed. Once you find these, you can manually crush them or suck them up with a vacuum cleaner. A HEPA vacuum cleaner is preferred.


Couches can also hold these small insects. You’ll find that in most cases they prefer cloth over smooth leather, but they can be found in any of them. Opening up recliners and inspecting underneath them and between the pillows on the recliner or couch can reveal the hiding places of these bugs. If you suspect you have a bedbug infestation, it’s important that you call a reputable Tulsa pest control company to come inspect and determine the best course of action.


In the last few years a number of over-the-counter solutions have shown up in many of the hardware stores in our area. Unfortunately, most of these are counterproductive at best. Bedbugs are very good at developing immunity to different chemicals. One of the chemicals used often in the 1990s were pyrethrins. This family of pesticides are actually derived from the natural pesticide found in chrysanthemum flowers known as pyrethrum. This family of pesticides was very effective at eliminating bedbugs and was very safe as well. But over the course of time, these insecticides were over used and bedbugs grew an immunity to them. The over-the-counter solutions that you’ll find in most hardware stores are simply pyrethrins. Unfortunately in most cases they are ineffective. 

Often people will use diametric earth in order to illuminate these bugs as well. The problem lies and the fact that most people will use too much of this pesticide. If you mound it up or can see it in anyway, you have too much of it. If, for example, you were walking down the street and saw a huge snow drift over the top of the sidewalk, would you walk through it? Probably not. These insects will do the same. They’re going to find a way around your diametric earth.


If you’re finding yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with bedbugs, it’s time to call the best Broken Arrow pest control company in the area. TermMax Pest Control specializes in bedbugs and many other pests that you may find in your home or business. We service the greater Tulsa area including Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Bixby, Jenks, Catoosa, Claremore, Coweta, Owasso, Turley and much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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