If you’re having an issue with wasps or any other pests, it’s time to call your Broken Arrow  exterminator. Wow many people believe the wasps are only a problem in the summer months, they actually can be a past year round. Understanding your life cycle gives you an insight into what kind of dangers you have from last not only the summertime, but the spring fall, and even in the winter. It’s important to educate yourself in these kinds of things. In this article is a good heart look at wasps, their life cycle, and what you and your Broken Arrow exterminator can do to protect yourself from the stinging insects.


Wasps are a stinging insect. They have a stinger that they can plunge into your skin and inject a painful venom that can hurt for hours afterwards. In some cases wasp stings can cause allergic reactions that can be mild to quite severe. In fact, if you’re a person who is susceptible to allergic reactions and you do get stung by a wasp it’s time to call your physician because these things can be very dangerous. Wasp stings do not have a barb like honeybees do. That means that if they sting you they can remove the singer without hurting themselves and they can sting a second time.

The sting of a wasp is really predominately used for hunting. Adult wasps will hunt for small spiders and grubs and paralyze them with the potency of their sting. They will carry back to their nest and then store it in a cell with an egg there will be food for the young wasps later on. This thing is a cocktail of neurotoxins that is quite potent against small insects. But when stung by one of these, the pain is quite extreme. This neurotoxin will excite your heat, sensing nerve endings, giving away hot fire like feeling. This is why it’s so important to contact your Broken Arrow exterminator if you’re having an issue with wasps around your home.


Well, wasps can be somewhat dangerous. If they feel the need to defend themselves, they are extremely important to our ecosystem. Wasps are pollinators that go from flower to flower in bloom to bloom, carrying pollen from one plant to another. While the wasp Young feeds upon the high-protein of paralyzed insects, the adult wasp needs much more energy. It’s done building a developing the bodily structure said it needs to complete its life cycle and now the work begins. Because of that, these adult wasp or feed upon the nectar of these flowers in order to have the high sugary energy that’s necessary to do all the work of bearing in raising their young.

Because water such pollinators, it’s important that we not have two negative an attitude towards them. Well, it is important that we protect ourselves from their sting, a random wasp flying through your yard should not be any sort of threat. Wasps do not seek out a fight with us. After all, we’re thousands of times larger than they are, and a fight usually will end in the death of the wasp. No wasps use their stinger as a last resort to defend themselves. Their ability to fly is quite adapt and usually they can escape any sort of attack. So maintaining a certain level of white population in the wild is important. That means spring gratuitous amount of pesticides over your entire yard, trees and flowers is bad not only for the wasps, their ecosystem, but also for your flowering plants. Contact your Broken Arrow exterminators for more information.


So what are you do if you have a wasps in and around your home. The first thing to check for our wasp nests. The most common kind that we see are the paper wasp nests. These are usually hanging from underneath the eaves of the house sent or a large mass hexagonal cells Hanging from a single point. If the cells are active and have an egg inside them, they will often have a white cover to them. Once the eggs hatch in the adult wasp leaves those nests they will break free the white cover and you’ll see an expose open cell in its place. The best way to get rid of. These is to knock them down. But of course, often you’ll see large numbers of wasps attaching themselves in the out of the nest drying their wings. Many of his wife’s will swarm around the nest for a time before they go off to create a new life for themselves. And these cases, it’s very important that you contact your broken exterminator to help with the removal of these wasp nest. Without the right equipment and pesticides, it’s very common for people to get stung when they poke the wasp nests.

Your Broken Arrow exterminator will have the proper clothing to protect themselves from wash things. This can be a mini case is a full wasp or bee suit that protects them from head to toe. Often our drivers will use a wasp jacket that has a heavy canvas jacket plus a screened off hood that allows for no washers to enter inside the jacket. We usually pair that with a pair of special leather gloves that protect the wearer from wasp stings. A good set of jeans are heavy pants will protect your legs and a good set of shoes or boots, protect your feet.

If you’re having issues with wasps, or any other kind of pests, then it’s time to call your Broken Arrow exterminator. Here at TermMax pest control with the best in the business when it comes to dealing with wasps and any other pests. We service the greater Tulsa area, including Owasso, Turley, Bixby, Jenks, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Prattville, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Claremore, Catoosa, and so much more. Call today for a free estimate. We’re here to help!

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