Insects are small animals.  They are largely out sized by many of their predators.  So how do they survive?  Each insect species uses a different set of defense mechanisms to protect itself.  Some fly very quickly and are hard to catch.  Others live underground.  Some in large colonies.  And of course, some sting.  So, what wasp has the most painful sting?  According to YouTube star Coyote Peterson, the Executioner Wasp has the worst sting of all the wasps.  For his channel, he has been stung by many different insects.  

Of all the insects that Coyote Peterson has allowed himself to be stung by, the executioner wasp was the only sting that not only hurt, but also ate a hole in his arm.  The reason that this happened is because the executioner wasp not only has an extremely painful effect, but also caused tissue necrosis, which is where the tissue around the sting dies.  


The Schmidt Sting Pain Index is an index created by Justin Schmidt, who is an entomologist at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Arizona.  He allowed himself to be stung by multiple bees and wasps to document how painful each sting was.  He ranked them and categorized them.  A much easier way for you to deal with wasps is to contact your local Oklahoma exterminator.  

The index has four levels.  The first level is said to contain most small bees.  The discomfort usually lasts up to five minutes.  The second level is anchored by the pain caused by the sting of a honey bee.  The duration of the pain of these insects is between five and ten minutes.  The third level is most of your wasps.  The final level, level four, originally had only one species:  the bullet ant.  Over time, though, others have been added.  


The executioner wasp is found locally in Central and South America.  It is not a particularly aggressive wasp, but as said before, its sting packs a wallop.  Coyote Peterson said that it is much more painful that the bullet ant.  He also allowed an Asian Giant Hornet, or “Murder Wasp” to sting him, and he said that it didn’t even come close.  This sting is definitely a level four on the Schmidt sting pain index.  An Oklahoma pest control company can help you with any wasp or bee issues that you are having.  


The tarantula hawk is also a level four on the Schmidt sting pain index.  But, according to Coyote Peterson, it isn’t as painful.  When Schmidt allowed this wasp to sting him, he described it as “blinding, fierce [and] shockingly electric.”  At around two inches in length, these wasps are some of the largest on the planet.  

The wasp is so named because of its mating ritual.  The wasp will attack a large tarantula, sting it between the legs, and then drag it back to its underground den.  The sting won’t kill the spider, only permanently paralyze it.  Once in the den, the wasp will lay an egg on the tarantula.  Once the egg hatches, it will eat the spider alive until it is fully grown.  The whole process takes a few weeks. 


This wasp in a painful stinger.  It also falls on the fourth level of the Schmidt sting pain index and is indigenous to Central and South America.  This is a swarming species that is often preyed upon by army ants.  In order to protect itself, the warrior wasp has has developed a very painful sting.  Your Tulsa exterminator can help.  


The good news is that none of the wasps on this list are hound in Oklahoma.  But if you do find yourself fighting wasps, it may be time to contact a Tulsa pest control company.  Here at TermMax Pest Control, we will be happy to give you a free estimate.  We are here to help!

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