TermMax Pest Control is the best Broken Arrow exterminator.  Winter is ending and spring is right around the corner.   If you’ve not started planning your strategy for the war against fleas, you could be fighting an uphill battle. The three things you need to think about are your exterminator, your pets and their fleas.  Getting rid of fleas is tough enough when you aren’t behind. Once you start seeing fleas, even one or two, then you can bet that there are plenty more in and around your home. Here in Oklahoma, our winters are cold enough to ask whether you really need to call a Broken Arrow exterminator to treat your your pet and home for fleas throughout the winter. After all, birds fly south, bears hibernate and most bugs are either dead, frozen or in hiding. But what about fleas?

Fleas can be a difficult pest to control because they are so resilient.  Fleas can survive in temperatures as low as 33 degrees F for up to five days!  It only takes a short “bathroom break” on a warmer winter day for one of these fleas to attach to your dog or cat and start an infestation.  Also, only 5% of flea population is adult.  That means that most of the fleas in and around your home are not visible.  Even if your pets stay inside all the time, fleas are very adept at finding small gaps in doors and windows and making their way into your home.  Fleas in their pupal stage can easily last through the winter in your yard, regardless of how cold it is.  Mice and other rodents that may find their way into your home can carry fleas as well. They can even hitch a ride off of your clothing to gain access to your home!

So where do you start trying to get rid of these little pests?  There are three areas that you can use to free your pet of these insects.  And it all starts with you and the best Broken Arrow exterminator.

Basic things that you can do to keep fleas from your home start with basic cleaning.  Vacuuming is a great way of keeping fleas in adult, pupal and egg form out of your carpets.  Its best to use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA rated bags.  Also, adult fleas pass small amounts of blood after taking a blood meal leaving a “flea dirt”, or light, dark reddish dust throughout the house, usually heaviest around animal bedding.  This flea dirt is then eaten by fleas in the pupal stage.  Vacuuming up this “dirt” helps to stunt the growth and emergence of young fleas.  Do it yourselfers are advised not to apply any pesticides.  The life cycle of fleas is somewhat complicated, and requires a professional to know what pesticide to use and where to use it.  

In regards to your Broken Arrow exterminator, your pets and their fleas, your exterminator is the second important part of flea treatment.  Exterminators have interior and exterior treatments that will not only eliminate adult fleas, but pupal and eggs as well.  Usually these services are two separate services.  The outdoor service is one that only happens from early spring to late fall, while the indoor service can be performed year round.  If you are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, you can contact the exterminators here at TermMax for the best flea protection.  As much as exterminators can treat your home and yard to remove fleas, they are very limited with the fleas that are attacking your pet.  

This is where the third part of the treatment process begins.  Your veterinarian is the last step in preventing fleas from inhibiting the health of your cats and dogs, and invading your home.  Your veterinarian has special treatments specifically designed for your pet.  He/she will take into account the breed, sex, size, and health history to make sure that you have access to the best and most effective treatment possible.  Your vet can also check for flea related diseases, such as allergy dermatitis, tapeworms, bartonellosis, anemia and other diseases.  

Its important to maintain all three parts of flea prevention, sanitation, Broken Arrow exterminator treatment of your home and yard, and veterinarian treatment year round and simultaneously.  Keeping fleas out of your home keeps your cats and dogs healthy, happy and safe.  Maintaining a safe environment is all about your exterminator, your pets and their fleas.  If you are looking for an exterminator or pest control company in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, such as Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Owasso, Glenpool, Jenks, Bixby, or Pratville, feel free to contact us at TermMax Pest Control.  Until next time, stay safe!

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