In the winter time, many pest issues can fall into the background.  Insects tend to be in some form of dormancy, whether it is hibernation or some other form of overwintering.  But one pest that attacks year round is the bed bug.  These insects have carved out a living by parasitizing humans.  With our heated and air conditioned homes, there is no need for a winter survival plan.  Will bed bugs die in the cold?  Extreme cold, such as below 0 degrees F or -15 degrees C, can kill bed bugs, if they are left in the cold long enough.  

Cold temperatures can be used to eliminate bed bugs, but there are many factors involved.  In actual practice, it is much easier to use heat to kill bed bugs, and so many professional exterminators will use versions of heat treatments to control bed bug populations.  In most cases, it is best to use multiple methods of control when trying to stop and eliminate an infestation of bed bugs.  


If you reduce the temperature of something below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, it will kill bed bugs.  Higher than that, and it is possible that bed bug eggs could survive and come back.  It’s important to note that you have to get the entire object to this temperature.  When these insects start feeling a temperature difference, they will dive down into the center of a bed spread or pillow, where it’s harder to change the temperature.  Objects must be kept below 0 degrees for at least four days to be completely effective.  A much easier way is to get with your Tulsa exterminator for a free inspection and estimate.  

When using this method, common sense must also be exercised.  Don’t freeze electronics or books that could be damaged by condensation or extreme temperatures.  Objects must be small enough to fit into a small freezer.  If the object is so large that the lid won’t shut, it probably can’t get to the temperature that it needs to to kill off bed bugs.  Do not try to drop the temperature in your home in the winter by opening doors and windows and shutting off the heat.  If you are somehow successful at getting the interior of your home that cold, it will definitely do damage to plumbing and other parts of your home.  


A more common solution to this problem is by using heat.  Raising the temperature of both bed bugs and their eggs over 120 degrees Fahrenheit for a few hours will definitely eliminate your bed bug problem.  This is often more practical because the time that things must be at temperature goes from days to hours.  Four to eight hours at a high temperature can be very effective.  But this method is not fool proof.  You must get the inside of pillows, mattresses and walls to this high temperature, meaning that you will probably have to get the inside air temperature much higher than 120 degrees.  

Caution must be taken here.  Temperatures that get in the neighborhood of 200 degrees can start to peel paint and break down glues.  It’s because of this that most professional heat treatments are only effective on light infestations.  But there are other ways of using heat.  The clothing dryer in your home is well equipped to kill bed bugs.  It brings clothing to temperatures high enough to kill bugs and eggs.  Steam cleaners can also work well in spot treatment situations.  Your Broken Arrow exterminator can help!


Pesticides can be very tricky.  This are substances that are poisonous, and need to be handled with care.  The number one consideration is that you use any pesticide EXACTLY the way the label directs you to.  Using a pesticide any other way can result in a dangerous situation for you and your loved ones.  Bed bugs are particularly difficult because they predominately live in our bed mattresses.  Most people sleep with a lot of skin contact to their bedding.  This means that pesticides applied to bedding also will have a high contact rate to your skin.  Because of this you never want to apply pesticides to your bedding or directly to the top surface of the mattress.  

There are more and more over the counter chemical solutions popping up in hardware stores.  Unfortunately, most of these solutions are ineffective.  Over the years, bed bugs have built up an immunity to many of the pesticides that have been overused and misused against them.  These pesticides tend to be some of the safer chemicals on the market, and almost always are the ones that the average consumer can buy.  They also have a learning curve because these pesticides must be used in the right places, and in the right amounts.  An experienced Tulsa exterminator will use an integrated pest management plan that will vary the type of pesticide in order to be successful against bed bugs with any kind of built up immunity.  Fight immunity by contacting your Tulsa pest control company today.  


Bed bugs are blood feeders.  They depend on us to be their food supply.  While they can feed off of other mammals in order to survive, they can not progress through their lifecycle without human blood.  Because of this, they will be found close to where they  can feed.  The number one place you will find bed bugs is in your mattress.  They like to stay in the seams, where they feel more hidden.  Box springs and bed frames can also be a great hiding spot for these insects.  


If you believe that you are having an issue with bed bugs, don’t go it alone.  Many people have wasted huge amounts of time and money of pseudo solutions and old wives tales.  Call a reputable Broken Arrow pest control company today.  Here at TermMax Pest Control, we can get you a free inspection and estimate to get you on the right path back to a full nights rest.  We service the greater Tulsa area including Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Sand Springs, Pratville, Coweta, Turley, Sapulpa, Claremore, Catoosa and much more.  Contact us today!  We’re here to help!

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